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Hey sweet friends!  After all that handwork from the last pattern release I thought we’d do something a bit more simpler this round.  Today, it’s time for pattern #7 and that is the Courthouse Steps.  These little lovelies are a great time to play with fabric pairings.


You are Enough

This time of year for the majority of us, or myself at least, we like to start thinking about goals.  I love goals!  Finishing this quilt is a goal.

Goal setting is good for us, I feel, but not when it makes us angry or frustrated with ourselves.  The themes in my life that sometimes makes me feel that I’m not enough rarely change, but sometimes they correlate with a particular goal I’ve made for myself and failed to meet by a certain time.

This whole time bit is the issue, not the goal.  Maybe just stop adding the deadline?

This past January I decided I was going to start walking a mile everyday.  From January to May I did just that.  In June I started walking two miles a day.  In October I completely quit walking.  On the daily, I’ve been bickering at myself about it.  Even today, I’m bickering in my head, a constant barrage of negativity at myself.  None of this helps, it only makes me feel worse.  The only real fix is just to get back out there and start walking again.

You may get behind while participating in this quilt along, especially with all the holidays upon us.  That’s okay.  There’s no real deadline.  There’s no prize for finishing your quilt first.  The goal is to finish, but you decide when.  We are humans.  Somedays you may feel like sewing, others not so much.  Your quilt will be waiting for you when you are ready to work on it just like my sneakers are waiting at the door when I decide to start walking again.  It’s okay.



Today’s Lesson

There’s no new skills today.  This is just some basic sewing.  The Courthouse Steps block is a play on the traditional Log Cabin block, and it’s probably every bit as old.  They are very simple and yet when put together they can make a really cool dramatic look.  The hardest part of this week’s pattern is getting all the pieces cut.  These blocks have many different pieces in many different sizes.  They are perfect for scrap busting!



Pattern 7 – Courthouse Steps

Once you get past cutting the pieces for these blocks, they move quick.  I chain pieced my three smaller ones and then made the rectangular block.  Keep your iron nearby along with your starch to move a bit faster.  Put your earbuds in your ear and zone out to your favorite music/podcast.  This kind of sewing always feels therapeutic to me.

Onto the pattern!

Click the tab below to download the pattern and get started.  I cannot wait to see what you make!

Click here to download the pattern


Video Tutorial




Photo Dec 13, 4 46 14 PM

Helpful Links

Havel’s Tools I use in the video




Have you been following along with everyone’s progress on the I am Enough quilt?  If not, please do!  The work is amazing.  I’m so grateful to get to be a part of this amazing group of participants.  I hope you are enjoying yourself!



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