I am Enough Quilt Along – Pattern 10 – Finished Quilt Top

This post is a part of the I am Enough quilt along that starts September 28, 2018 and ends February 1, 2019.

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I cannot believe how quickly this quilt along has passed.  Today is the final post and I’m a bit sad about it.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, gushing over your beautiful progress photos, and reading your lovely words on what this quilt along has meant to you.  A part of me is also quite joyous, though.  I’m in love with my quilt.  SO IN LOVE!  I’m also in love with so many of your quilts.  I’ll be highlighting them on IG as I see them finish.


You are Enough

There are going to be those of you who have stayed on task with this quilt along and those of you that are moving along at your own pace.  No matter where you, you are in the exact right place for you.  If you are finished, pat yourself on the back, gaze lovingly at your finished quilt top and feel the pride of a finished quilt.  A part of you may be sad it’s done with and a part of you is quite pleased with yourself.  It’s time for you to post your pictures of your finished work and encourage others who still have work to do.

If you are still working, keep working.  The journey to the finish line is the best.  You are still doing the thing that you love to do.  Take your time, but don’t stop, and if you do find yourself in the middle of a pause that has gone on longer than you wanted, don’t sit there muttering at yourself.  It’s okay.  Life gets busy.  You’ll get to it when you are ready.  The longer it takes, the better the finishing of a quilt feels when you get there.

Be nice to yourself no matter what.  There are no rules, no deadlines, only the joy of all the stitching.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve loved every moment of this quilt.




Today’s Lesson

There’s not much in the way of a lesson today, but I do have some tips about sewing large pieces together that I thought I’d share for the beginner quilters.

Tips for sewing larger patchwork pieces:

  1. Fold each piece in half and finger press.
  2. Line up finger press marks and pin, and do the same for the ends.
  3. Add more pins as needed.
  4. There are instructions in the pattern for getting the flattest seams, but when it comes to the end of the quilt and the fact that all the pieces are so large, I tend to let the seams fall where they may and let it be.



Pattern 10 – Finished Quilt Top

You only have two more pieces of fabrics to cut for filler and then we are on to sewing everything together.  We’ve slowly done the majority of this along the way, so this last bit is pretty quick and pretty pleasant.  Did you like doing all the section building along the way?  I did!

Onto the pattern!

Click the tab below to download the pattern and get started.  I cannot wait to see what you make!

Click here to download the pattern


There’s no video tutorial today, but if you follow me on Instagram, there will more than likely be a few videos in my Stories of my own quilt.  I may gush a bit!  🙂



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Many of you have been asking me about the NEXT quilt along.  I will be hosting another sampler quilt along with Havel’s sometime this year.  Subscribe to my newsletter so that you don’t miss those details.  Until then, I’ve got a short and sweet quilt along that starts February 22 and is only four weeks long.  If you are interested, read about it here.

I do want to take a moment and thank Havel’s Sewing for this amazing opportunity, for all the fantastically “sharp” prizes they’ve given you and me, and for their support of all of us completely obsessed with quilt making.



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