Monday is all About Fabric – #102 – Michael Miller Blenders: Hash Dot and Dumb Dot

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I don’t know about you, but fabric is EVERYTHING!  I love buying it, petting it and then gushing with you about it.  I’ll show you my latest fabric purchases and where you can buy it too.  

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I’ve mentioned in my newsletter and over on Instagram that this year I get to be a brand ambassador for Michael Miller fabrics, but I’m thinking I haven’t mentioned that bit of info here, so there it is.  All this means is that Michael Miller will be sending me fabrics for a few special projects this year.

A couple of weeks ago they sent me a welcome package and these two lovely bundles were included!  I’m certain that this is the very first time in my little life that I’ve held every fabric of a single collection.  So picture me amass with excitement.

Today, I’m showing you two of Michael Miller’s blender collections:  Hash Dot and Dumb Dot.


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Today’s Fabric Picks

From Hash Dot:

Or see most of them here.  There’s some here as well.

My favorites of these are pink, lipstick, papaya, marine and turquoise.  They are the yummiest and I’m excited about mixing them in with some florals and novelty.



From Dumb Dot:

Just staring at these Dumb Dots makes me happy.  They are the most cheerful fabrics.  How could you possibly be glum when petting such loveliness?  My favorites of these are Dalmation (hands down fave), Wild Berry, Passion, Sherbet, Citron and Icing.  So very good!!!

See a scrumptious amount of these here all at once, or you can find them here too.

I cannot wait for some of these blenders to get in my quilts!


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This Week

Wednesday, I’ll be showing you my latest Little Miss Sawtooth quilt (yes, I made another!).  Not sure if I’ll get to something on Friday or not, but we’ll see what happens.

In a little other news, I’ve created a beginner quilter class called Patchwork + Make, and it’s close to being ready to launch.  It comes with two quilt patterns:  Good Girl and a new sampler quilt called Evening Walk.  It also comes with a gazillion videos and lessons to begin making a quilt, even super basics like the parts of a sewing machine.  All of the Evening Walk pattern has been written.  It has 13 different blocks to help you learn many different skills and this pattern will be exclusive to the class.  I’ve got the pattern to a tester and I’m about to start shooting little videos for each block.  Crazy excited about this one!  It’s a more traditional sampler quilt, but it has the coolest blocks!!  I can’t wait to show you.  Plus, some of the blocks are going to be future quilt patterns of repeating blocks.  So much fun!  I’m ready for it to be done, but…… these things take time.

One more little tidbit while I’m at it.  I’ve updated the Carolina Mingle quilt pattern to have a video tutorial for every step of the way to a finished quilt top.  If you’ve purchased the pattern, and would like the video tutorials, contact me and I’ll send them to you.  If you purchase the pattern anytime after today, you get them automatically.

Have a good week, lovelies!


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