Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt – #6 – quilt reveal


I hope that you are not getting tired of seeing me make this quilt.  I’m pretty much making one every other month now.  This was a customer requested quilt in blues and greens and low volumes as requested.

The best part about this quilt is with the exception of the large low volume squares every single bit of this quilt top was made from my scrap baskets and boxes.  Perusing through that part of my stash is my absolute favorite!




I’ve made this quilt so many times now, that I don’t even need to pull up the pattern, but just in case you are new around here, you can find the patterns for every block here.

Here are all the quilts I’ve made from this pattern:


Get the Bad Girl quilt pattern



If you are following the patterns for the quilt along that I posted about above, it breaks it down into every week making two blocks a week and then once you have all the stars completed, you make all your background blocks for one of the weeks.

I don’t tend to make this quilt that way.  I’m a chain piecing enthusiast and I take no issue with spending a whole day just on my flying geese.  Here’s how I worked through this quilt:  First, I pulled all the fabrics for my flying geese and spent probably a day and a little of the next day just making those.  I cut all the squares for the corners of the star blocks and then cut all the squares for the background blocks ( the 4-patches ).  The third day, I spent making all of my star centers. The fabrics for these were already cut, I just pulled them out of my scrap boxes.  The third and fourth day, I put all of my stars together (finishing the blocks) and sewed all of my background blocks.  On that fourth day, I also pieced all of my blocks together for the finished quilt top.


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My friend Kathy, showed me how to use the tape method when working on my flying geese.  I’ll admit that I’ve heard of this for a very long time.  It’s no big secret.  In fact, you probably know of it.  I did know of it, I just didn’t know how it worked or how it was better.

I’m wiser on this issue now!

Basically, the “tape method” is a way to make any quilt block that you need to draw lines on the back of pieces of that block to make units like half square triangles and flying geese without drawing the lines.

That sounded so confusing!  The Little Miss Sawtooth quilt has 60 flying geese units in it.  That is some serious work as you know!  There are 120 squares needed to make the flying geese and until this particular quilt I always spent an hour or so drawing lines on the back of all 120 squares.  By placing a piece of tape on your sewing machine just so, you can skip the drawing of the lines.

I almost smacked myself when she broke all this down for me.

Drawing lines is no biggie when you are making a block or two, but when you need 60 flying geese it’s suddenly an ordeal.  I plan on doing a tutorial to teach those of you who like me didn’t know what the fuss was about, but until I do, there is a informal tutorial in my instagram feed.  Look in my highlights and click the highlight titled “Flying Geese”.  It’s all there.


My Quilt Patterns


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Quilt Details:

Pattern – Little Miss Sawtooth Star Quilt

Size – 60×72″

Blocks – 30 blocks, 15 stars + 15 background blocks

Top Fabrics – All star fabrics came from my scraps.  Background block fabrics are:

There are a few more that I don’t have the name for.  Sorry!

Backing Fabrics – Mudcloth in blue by Sharon Holland and Blossom in aqua by Riley Blake

Binding – Gunny Sack in denim by Lori Holt

Batting – Warm and Natural batting by the Warm Company

Thread – Quilt Plus by Coats for piecing and quilting

Techniques Used – meander quiltingwall basting, and machine binding

Quilt Label – from my shop here, tutorial for how to install it here



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