Ruby Beatrice Quilt – #1 – Quilt Reveal – Crib Size is my Spring Clean Bundle


I know I say this often, but I think I’ve just finished up my most favorite quilt design to date.  Whatever I’m currently working on tends to be my favorite, but this one.  I know that I know that I will make many of this quilt.  I plan on planting one of these babies on my own bed.

Just wait until you see it in some of the other sizes.  This is just a baby sample, but I’ve got much bigger plans.


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I’m sure you remember these fabrics.  You know the ones from here.  I’ve added in a few extras for this quilt.  They are light, airy and dreamy, I think.  And that gold!  You know I’m in a love affair with gold right now.

The name of this quilt pattern is called Ruby Beatrice.  I’ve named it after my grandmother.  I know I’ve spoken of her often, but for those who haven’t followed me for forever, she passed away at the very end of 2017.  We were extremely close and I loved her more than anyone.  She was always a constant inspiration to me.  Many months after she passed away, I went to her home and divided the quilts between us family members.  We are a small family and Grandma and Great Grandma were avid quilt makers (Great Grandma in particular), so I ended up with quite a large stack of quilts.  I haven’t shown you any of them yet with the exception of this one.  I’ve been meaning to though.

All of these quilts mean the world to me.  There’s one in particular that needs a new binding and a few stitches to patch it up, but it was one of the prettiest that she had.  It sits at the foot of my bed and I don’t go a day without straightening it and tidying it and basically petting it.  It’s worn and soft and loved.  I am going to take a picture of it and show it to you very soon.  This quilt, a pattern I’ve never seen before is the inspiration behind my latest quilt pattern, Ruby Beatrice.

The Ruby Beatrice pattern is not a replica of Grandma’s old quilt at the end of my bed.  It’s not even close (that one is a hand pieced pattern), but it did inspire the shape of the blocks in my new quilt pattern, make me think and dream and plan, and want something vintage looking with a bit of a moderness as well.




I’ll be telling you a bit more about the pattern in the next month.  I’ve finished writing the pattern and it’s currently with my testers.  They haven’t had it long, but if you want to browse what they are up to with it you can do so here.  They should start posting their progress pics as we get into May a bit more.  I’ll have their notes back on May 10 and I’m hoping to release this pattern before we break ground on the Bad Girl quilt along.  I’ve gotten myself into a bit much lately, so bear with me.

I’m about to start my next Ruby Beatrice quilt and I’ll be pulling from this stack of fabrics to do so.  Not so dreamy this time, but it should make a powerful pop.  I only need to decide that center shapes color.


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Quilt Details:

PatternRuby Beatrice 

Size – 36×48″ crib size

Blocks – 12 blocks

Top Fabrics – Color Prints:

Background Prints:

Most of these are from my scrap bins, but the rest came from here.

Backing FabricsDaydreaming in sunshine

BindingDreams of Kandance

Batting – Warm and Natural batting by the Warm Company

Thread – Random spools from Grandma’s thread basket for piecing, white from the Quilt+ thread line for quilting

Techniques Used – meander quiltingwall basting, and machine binding

Quilt Label – A label made especially for this quilt,  tutorial for how to install it here


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Let’s talk about binding for a minute.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been experimenting.  Here is my usual binding method.  I did the binding on this quilt using the same method, but reversed it.  Meaning, I sewed my binding onto the back of the quilt, rolled it over and then machine stitched on the front.  I thought I might like it better because it doesn’t end up with that stitch line all along the perimeter of the front of the quilt top.  Not the case, for me anyway.  I didn’t like it better.  I know this is a preference thing and just as many quilters do it my usual way that does it the reversed way I used here.  This is all of course to avoid hand stitching that baby.

I got some amazing feedback from quilters that follow me.  I tend to use 2.5″ strips for my binding, but many of you are using 2.25″.  I plan on using this exact same method I did for this quilt and using the more narrower binding and see how I feel about it.

I’m amused that after 11 years of binding the exact same way on every quilt, I’ve decided to experiment.  That’s how it goes though, doesn’t it?  Quilt making is a constant learning experience where we tweak and perfect and adapt to something new through the journey.  Maybe that’s why we are all so in love with it.  It’s always challenging us.

I’m going to find a way to bind my quilts that I absolutely love no matter how many attempts it takes me.  If you’d like to share your favorite method, please do so in the comments below.  We want to know!




One final note!  Meander + Make now has its own website.  You can browse here.  Getting this up has been a monster of a task for me.  It’s done now and all I need to do is get more fabrics for you.  If you sign up to our newsletter here, you’ll immediately receive a 10% off coupon to use one time at Meander + Make.  If you’ve already signed up, you’ll be getting this same coupon code very soon.  Note though that is a separate newsletter than my bi-monthly  one about quilt making.  The Meander + Make newsletter will be about fabric and fabric sales and fabric and fabric.  You get the idea.  🙂

Thanks again for all of your support!  It means everything to me.  Have a good weekend.



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  1. I am smitten with Miss Ruby Beatrice! Just ordered your spring clean bundle and a few other FQs so I’ll be ready when you release the pattern. 🙂 I was struggling to decide on a pattern to make for my son and DIL for Christmas. Ruby Beatrice is not too girly and not too masculine. She’s perfect and gorgeous to boot!

  2. Love your quilting colors and style : ) Combining the old with the new is just so appealing.
    It’s hard for me to choose my favorite- these quilts all have heart and soul.
    Love this one too.

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