Ruby Beatrice – Quilt Reveal – #2 The one with all that Quiltcon fabric


I know I might say this every time something new comes my way, but Ruby Beatrice is hands down my favorite quilt that I’ve designed.  Maybe that feeling won’t last forever, maybe something better will spark, it’s hard to say.  In this moment however, I’m absolutely in love.

I blogged about this quilt first here, and here is my very first version.


The Ruby Beatrice Quilt

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You might remember that this quilt was named after my grandmother.  She’s the reason I chose to have it quilted with the Baptist fan pattern.  One, she was an actual Baptist.  Two, the pattern has a vintage look about it and I thought the quilt pattern did as well.  So Baptist fan it was!  Not a quilting pattern I could achieve myself!  My quilting skills are pretty limited, so I was blessed to get to send this one to a longarmer.  My friend Cindy, all the way in California quilted this one for me.  I think this is the fourth quilt she has quilted for me and I could not be more impressed with her skills!  If you are interested in having a quilt longarmed, you can contact her here.  Just send her a private message.  She has a crazy amount of pattern choices to choose from!

When I think of the baptist fan quilting pattern, I always think of ladies in a church without an air conditioner, fanning themselves to no avail!


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So you might remember that I took issue with my chosen secondary background fabrics in this quilt.  Main background is my regular low volumes and the secondary background is the aqua you see around the center of the quilt.  I definitely chose too pale a color.  It has no “pop” like my original Ruby Beatrice quilt.  Even so, I’m pretty smitten.  It’s a much softer version than its predecessor, but that’s okay!

I also am really happy with all the fabrics I chose for the main shapes in this quilt.  Just giving this a look makes my mind’s eye go back to that day rummaging through fabric with my friend Kathy at a booth at Quiltcon, totally floored that all the fabric was $6 a yard.  I bought so much!  And worried I was going to spend my whole budget in one single place for the whole trip.  I can still hear Kathy reminding me, “Uh, dummy!  It’s $6 a yard!”  Okay, that was not her words, I’m completely paraphrasing, but you get it.  Here’s that post to remind you.


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Cindy, who did my longarming, also did the binding for this quilt.  It was such perfect timing too!  If you remember, I’m trying to up my game with my binding and make it the best it can be.  Cindy had a method she wanted to show me and offered to bind it as well.  “Uh, yes, please!  Bind all of the quilts for me!”  That of course, is what I wanted to shriek from the rooftop, but one is fine too.  🙂  Anyway, while the quilt was traveling to her, I also spoke with my friend, Tracy who turns out was showing me her binding method.  Tried it, loved it, totally swapping to it (more on this later), and then when this quilt found its way back to me, Cindy had pretty much the same method as Tracy.  And, yes, I am going to have a tutorial for this method!  Very, very soon!  I just have two more methods of binding to try first before I tell you everything I learned.



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Quilt Details:

PatternRuby Beatrice Quilt

Size – 60×72″ large throw size

Blocks – 30 blocks

Top Fabrics – The majority of the fabrics can be found here, low volume backgrounds came from here, and secondary background is Haymow in Early.

Backing FabricsLeaning in Jade by AMH and Mousies Floral by HR.

BindingMiss Ditzy’s in Wintermint

Batting – Warm and Natural batting by the Warm Company

ThreadSo Fine by Superior for piecing, unsure of what Cindy used for quilting

Techniques Used – meander quiltingwall basting, and machine binding

Quilt Label – A label made especially for this quilt,  tutorial for how to install it here




I’m currently working on a third Ruby Beatrice quilt.  I’m using some hoarded fabrics in it! and the background is this.  I’m just slowly working on it though, a block or two here and there.  I can’t wait to show you more soon.  Many of you have asked me about a quilt along for Ruby Beatrice and that’s definitely something I have planned for the future.  Right now though, I’ve got a big quilt along planned to start in September with Havel’s making the Little Miss Sawtooth quilt once more.  You can expect signups to take place mid-July.  They’ll be a special newsletter that comes out with more details, so if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter and want to participate in the quilt along, now is the time to signup!



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  1. The colors in this Ruby Beatrice are SO lovely, including the pale blue secondary background. I think this one’s my favorite.

  2. I love love love this one. The secondary background is a nice subtle contrast and makes it feel more vintage.

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