Indigo & Aster Quilt ( quilt reveal )

Last Fall, I made this quilt.  There’s no pattern for it or even many details to remake it.  I’ve had to wait quite a bit to show you, but finally.  I was most excited about the hand quilting, but we will get to that!

Bari J of AGF asked me to make a quilt for her booth in the Fall quilt market with her new fabrics called Indigo & Aster.  I was instructed to use large pieces of fabric to show off the prints and I was given 5 fabrics in the collection to work with.  I think this quilt will end up being the least amount of fabrics I’ve ever used in a single quilt.  Ha!  But I managed.


Product Spotlight

Indigo & Aster Full Fabric Collection – Bari J. – Art Gallery Fabrics – 19 Fat Quarters and 1 Panel (approx. 35″)

Panel is a custom cut 35″ so that each of those cute animals is included!


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AGF denim was including in this quilt along with the Indigo & Aster fabrics.

The quilt was machine quilted all over with the exception of the denim.  The denim is quilted bohemian style that results in all those tiny ties all over it.  I love that style!

Each denim piece also features crochet lace left to fray on the ends.

Everything used in this quilt

The bohemian hand quilting technique involves tying your threads together instead of burying them.  I’m in love with the process and look!  I discuss this a little more in this video, but I’m planning a tutorial that just features this technique very soon.


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Remember this quilt was made last Fall and at that time this was the biggest hand quilting project I had taken on.  There were only 6 patches of denim to be hand quilted, but with the Kantha style I quilted, the whole process took 5-6 hours.   Because I was in a hurry to have this quilt back to Bari in time for Quilt Market, I did all of it in one sitting.  I thought my fingers might just fall off.  It was not my most enjoyable make.

Of all the fabrics, that floral was my favorite and one I’d definitely like to add to my stash.  See it better here.


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Thanks so much for reading, y’all!  Big hugs.



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  1. I am glad i went back and read this post! I was considering using a similar crochet lace trim, but thinner, on my Color Wheel for the I Am Enough. I have madre a colossal mess of stitching the wheel down, bcuz i ordered the fun new disappearring Superior Thread, and my order got cancelled due tonout of stock. So i went and purchased the Guterman brand of disappearing adhesive thread qhich does not work AT ALL the same.it must uave a different use? So i should have started over, but in addition to impatient, i am also stubborn, so i picked all those stitched and got the right thread, wjich worked beautifully and then i decorative stitched the whole thing and decided THAT looked terrible and picked all that out too. I wasnt sure if the crochet trim would make it hard to be quilted…but nope! Yours is GORGEOUS! i really should just start over….but too stubborn!

    1. I stayed away from quilting the trim. It’s too thick and will just cause issues. I’ve not used or seen the Guterman brand. Coats and Clark also has one, but haven’t used that either.

      I know yours will be gorgeous whatever you decide to do. You have such a natural eye for style and color.

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