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A Rag Quilt in Capsules Le Vintage ( quilt reveal )

Last week I finished this lovely up.  I like rag quilts.  I like the look and the easy nature of them.  It’s just quilt making at it’s most simplest.  It’s forgiving with none of the precision work.  It’s a nice break from all the careful practices of lining points up, cutting perfectly straight, and all the other things that we have to be so mindful about when making a quilt.

You might remember these fabrics from this post.  These are Capsules Le Vintage by Art Gallery Fabrics.  They are dreamy soft colored and I just loved working with them.  I don’t normally keep a whole collection together like that, but I couldn’t for the life of me separate these.

A little about rag quilts…

I actually started my shop and quilt making journey with rag quilts.  They are made square by square, quilt as you go style and then sewn together with the seams on the outside.  Once you have the whole quilt put together, you have to go back and clip all the seams so that you get the ragging effect.

If you choose not to clip the seams you end up with a big unraveling stringy mess on your hands after washing the quilt, so be sure to remember to clip.

They are soft and floppy quilts, perfect for snuggling.

I do sell my pattern for them in all sizes crib -king right here if you are interested in making one for yourself.

I’m going to be making several of these up in Art Gallery Fabrics fabric collection in the next month for Christmas sales.  Maybe you are interested?  You can find this quilt for sale here.  It’s a large throw size, about 59×67″.  I like to give them to my family for Christmas.  They are always well used and loved.

Online Quilting Class


If you are in the market of purchasing this quilt, but need a different size, I have that option here in my shop available in any size.

These colors are just owning me.  You know my low volume heart is swooning right now, don’t you?


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