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It’s time!  It’s time and I’m so excited.  This is months and months of work finally reaching its end.

Scrappy Pattern Pack is now available for you to purchase.  Find the PDF version of the pattern here, and find the paper booklet of the pattern here.



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About The Quilts

These are all beginner friendly quilts.  You get three quilt patterns within Scrappy Pattern Pack.  There’s Trippy, Migration and Tea Time.  There are detailed instructions for each of the patterns in one size (that’s why I’m calling them “limited”.  However, each pattern holds helpful tips and numbers to increase or decrease the size of your quilt.  Also, I want to be very clear that these patterns have been written for scrap busting purposes.  No, of course you don’t HAVE to use scraps, BUT the fabric requirements have been written for scrappy in mind, not yardage or fat quarters.  There are not any instructions that will tell you how much yardage you need for your quilt top.  Please keep this in mind.  They each have their intentions too, let’s work through them really quick.

  • Trippy – Makes a 60″ square quilt.  Trippy is a Trip Around the World quilt.  It’s put together as a traditional TATWQ as well, nothing new there, but I’ve resized some things to make it have less waste.  It’s also got a video tutorial that will be extremely helpful if you’ve never put a quilt like this together.  We work through this together!  There are three different layout options in the pattern.  You decide this.  This is a VERY fun quilt to make.  It uses all width of fabric strips, so if you are sitting on a pile of those, this is the quilt for you to eliminate them.  Also, I’ve said this a couple of times, but it’s a great quilt to hide ugly fabrics in.  Let’s be honest, we all have a few that makes us question our decision making.  🙂
  • Migration – Makes a 60×72″ quilt.  Lots of negative space!  This is a very quick and uncomplicated pattern.  It’s made for all of those small squares you have stored away.  Plus, it uses a variety of sizes to make it’s “butterflies”.  This way you can pull from a lot of different size scraps.  If you are a quilter who likes to gift their quilts, you could get this one done in a weekend.  it’s that quick!  I highly recommend this tool so you don’t have to draw lines.
  • Tea Time – Makes a 72×84″ quilt.  This is a simple half square triangle quilt that is visually stunning!  It teaches three different methods for half square triangle making.  So no matter what type of scraps you have you are in business!  There are video tutorials for each of the methods as well.  This quilt is pretty time consuming, but even if you never take it on, knowing how to make HSTs in so many different ways can be useful to you on your quilting journey.  One of the methods in this quilt requires this ruler.



Quilt Labels

All of the patterns have their own optional customizable labels.




Fabric Requirements

If you go to my individual posts on these quilts, you’ll get links back to the fabrics I used.  I also talk extensively on scrappy quilts in this post, and share thoughts and different ways of looking at scrappy quilts.  If you are looking for tips on choosing fabrics, there’s a bit about that too.

Below I’ve posted the fabric requirement graphs for each of the quilts.  This might give you a better idea about what I mean by scrappy fabric requirements.



Tea Time



I do have a few bundles created especially for these three quilts.   You can read more about those here.



I hope you are as excited as me about Scrappy Pattern pack!  I can totally see me making each of these quilts again.  I’ve got several Christmas gifts planned for Migration and I think I’d like a bed sized version of Trippy too.  Maybe even in golds again.  🙂

Purchase the PDF version of Scrappy Pattern Pack

Purchase the paper version of Scrappy Pattern Pack

Hugs and thank you for all the support!  Extra thanks to my testers who I really worked hard with this one.  🙂


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  1. I have this pattern pack. I’ve already made a Trippy quilt and I have a plan to use up small scraps from various projects in a Migration quilt. I want to make a Teatime quilt, too, but I can’t figure out if there’s a system to how you orient the half square triangles from each pair of fabrics or if it’s random. I can just do random but thought I would ask in case I’m missing something.

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