Trippy Quilt #5 – Purple, Peach and Yellow – In Progress

Trippy Quilt

I’ve been working on a commission quilt for the last week or so. And it’s Trippy! Haven’t gotten to make this quilt in quite sometime, so I was pretty pumped to give it another go. I was given a color palette to work with for this one, but I did get to choose the fabrics. I used almost exclusively stash on this one and it really freed up my purple drawer of fabrics. Thank goodness!

I’ve curated a fabric bundle similar to this quilt’s color palette just in case you were interested in making a similar quilt. You can find it here.

See all of past Trippy quilts here.

Get the Trippy Quilt pattern here.


I’d forgotten how enjoyable this quilt is to make. It’s a LOT OF CHAIN PIECING! But I usually zone out to whatever I have in my headphones and just work, work, work.

Trippy quilt is one of the very few times that I will work with strip sets. I know MANY quilters like making quilts that way, but I can’t say the same. However, with these tiny squares, it really is the only way.

I was given a color palette of purple, peach, yellow, and low volume. Not my usual, but fun to play with!

A bit more

The pattern I wrote for Trippy is included in Scrappy Pattern Pack, which includes three different quilt patterns. The pattern shows you how to make a 60″ square quilt. This one I made this time around is 60×70″. The pattern also includes a bit of help with that too.

Every time I make this quilt, I try to use more low volume than I think I need to help calm things down.

Normally, and with this quilt too, I’m never happy with the way my blocks look. But there’s something about when you put all the blocks together that it really starts to shine. I always get so “OMG, what have I done!” and then all the blocks get put on my design wall, and I’m like, “oh, how pretty!” EVERY SINGLE TIME! Lol.

I’ll be getting to the quilting on this one pretty quick like. I’m hoping to have it finished and on it’s way to it’s new home by Monday. Fingers crossed.

If you like this color fabric, I have this in a bundle called Mellifluous here.

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