Monday is all About Fabric #10 – Random Prints from Art Gallery Fabrics

I think you know by now that I’m pretty smitten with Art Gallery Fabrics.  This is my 10th Monday Fabric post and I’ve featured Art Gallery in at least 3 of those.

So yeah…..smitten.

I like the drape of their fabric, the thin, silkiness that it has.  Their catch phrase is “Feel the Difference” after all.  You can actually feel it for those of you wanting to know.

And it still sews up like all other quilting cottons.  Which is good

Let me tell you how this bundle came to be.

I was asked to make a custom quilt.  Would I mind coming up with a fabric collection that was for a young boy.  The woman wanted blues, browns and grays.

I came up with the collection above and she ended up not buying the quilt.

I was kinda sad, because I LOVED the fabric grouping I did, so I went ahead and ordered all the prints anyway.  I’m sure I can come up with a quilt to use them in.

You might note that I have a very hard time staying within a limited color palette.  I like playing with a broad range.  It’s also MUCH easier to do.

BUT…. I’d like to be able to do both with some ease.

So these fabrics?  Are they not the coolest?

I am usually not a fence of mixing gray and brown (I have a real problem with those colors together), but in this group, I like em’.

So here is what you are looking at:

Buck Forest in twilight

Summit in twilight

Oh, Hello in fog

Follow Me in moonlight

Leaflet in dawn

Cheshire Feathers in pastry

Timber in nightfall

Menagerie in onyx

In this post, I discussed how I sometimes use Pinterest to help me put fabric groupings together.  That is exactly how I did this one.  However, the majority of these prints are by Bonnie Christine with a couple of extra ones from other AGF designers.

One thing I like is how ‘most of the time’ you can choose fabrics from one designer, but over many of their fabric collections and their fabrics will sort of work together.

Another thing, is when I use a whole fabric collection or even several of one designers prints, I like to add in others just so it will be put together by me.  It just adds a little more thought into what you are doing and making it yours.  I like this (unless I’m doing yoga, then I just want you to tell me what to do and I don’t want to think about it).

So what will a couple of blocks look like in these fabrics?  And what quilt blocks do I even want to make?  I have no idea, so let’s play a bit.

I apologize for the rulers in my blocks.  I have had EQ7 for several years now, but still haven’t mastered importing fabrics.

But what this tells me is that these fabrics look much better when not cut down to tiny pieces like in the second block example.  In the second example my deer get lost with the sizing.  Unless I want to try fussy cutting it.  That could work!

I do like the friendship star in the first block though.  That one looks nice.

I am feeling stars with these fabrics.  Check out this pinterest board with some really cool star blocks.

Or make big, BIG blocks to show off the fabric design better.  See these.

My blocks

The first block I’ve shown here is called Friendship Star (an oldie).  It finishes at 12″.  All blocks within the friendship star measure 4.5″ unfinished.

The second block is called “Sister”.  It measures finished at 15″ square.  Each block within this one measures 3.5″ unfinished.

We will be having a tutorial on these blocks soon.

I hope your Monday is lovely!


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