Housekeeping – 1.30.2020

Migration Quilt


Hey Friends!  I think this might be the first time I’ve ever had to do a housekeeping post, but here we are and here we go.

There’s been some recent changes you might have noticed on this site and I’m hoping they are good changes.  You should still find everything in its usual spot with the same organization as before.  The changes were mostly looks and modern-ness than anything else.  There were things that some found hard to find and the new features on the blog should make some topics a bit easier to locate.  I hope so anyway.

The second bit I wanted to discuss was the “password protected” posts that you might have received by email if you are subscribed to the blog.  I’ve upgraded the way I show my video tutorials that come with my quilt patterns.  These are not the freebie tutorials that I show several times a month, but the tutorials that are a part of my patterns for sale.  If you purchase a pattern from me and it comes with a video tutorial, a link is included for you to view it, along with a password.  This is all very new and the only quilt pattern this is working for currently is Para Para, but will eventually be for all the patterns.

These posts were not meant to be sent out, but they were.  Imagine me screaming “Noooo….” at the computer and shaking my head with frustration.  I apologize that this happened and caused some confusion.  If only I had gone to school for computers!  It won’t be happening again or so I’ve been instructed and faithfully have hope.  I don’t mind sharing them at all, but the thought of you opening an email from me only to be blocked out of the contents made me feel horrible!  Please forgive me.

Now, the most important bit of housekeeping that I’ve been meaning to tell you!  The free Anthologie pattern on my blog is going away.  This is one of the first quilt patterns I’d ever written, and it shows!  I’m re-doing it!  It’s going to be SO MUCH BETTER.  Way better, and yes, expect a quilt along!  Not soon, but maybe late this year?  That’s to be determined.

If you have been planning on making this quilt and have not downloaded the patterns, do it now.  On March 1, I am removing them from the blog.  They will disappear and I will no longer be able access them.  It will come back late this year with the same look as all my other patterns, with video tutorials, with less frustrating measurements and better overall instructions.



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  1. What is that quilt on your porch swing, at the top of your “Housekeeping” blog post today!!?? It’s stunning, and I want to see all of it….flat….!!

  2. Anthologie is definitely in my plans for 2020. Guess I better go make sure I’ve snagged all the parts now. But a quilt along would be fun, very fun. I was so sorry to discover you about the time the last one finished for Anthologie.

  3. hi, i have several patterns; parapara, but also miss sawtooth, ruby..,and the scrappy pattern pack. do i need to buy a new pattern when i want a video tutorial?

  4. Anthologie is beautiful and I plan to make it! I do hope there is a QAL!!! Sorry for misunderstanding your direction, but should I buy the pattern now or when it comes back after a makeover??

  5. The quilt you use for this section is gorgeous! Will you be sharing a pattern for this quilt – or maybe shared it in the past?

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