Quilt Reveal – Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt #9 – Autumn Joy


Well, she’s done.  With a single day to spare.  By the time you are reading this I will have already gifted this quilt to my beloved daughter, Raven.  She’s watched me make it and claimed it fairly early.  🙂  I so enjoyed making this quilt with all of you who participated in the quilt along.  It was really lovely getting to know so many new faces and chatting with those of you who have quilted along with me before.

And it’s my 9th Little Miss quilt!  Here’s all the others in case you missed them.


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Unlike all the others, I was deliberate with all my fussy cutting.  When I realized I was making this for my daughter I wanted to make sure it had cuts included that I knew she would like.  She has this whole boho look going on in her apartment.  Lots of blush and gold.  Plants.  The color palette and majority of fabrics were chosen before I knew the quilt would be hers.  I added in a bit more yellow gold afterwards to try and suit her better.

Here’s the bundle I started with.


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It was quilted by Natalie from Ginger Quilter.  I think she chose a perfect quilting pattern for it.  It’s all vines and plants and odd little blooms.  There’s also a few dragonflies.  I absolutely LOVE the quilting!  Natalie was one of the sponsors for the quilt along.  She is offering 20% off longarm quilting any Little Miss when you use the code SAWTOOTH.  Do support her if you are able and interested.  She had my quilt done very quickly and I could not be more pleased.


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I should take a moment and go on here about how dreamy I find low volume quilts to be.  They are my most favorites and this is definitely one of my favorite quilts that I’ve made.  Everything about it is singing my current style.  I’m a little bummed I won’t be keeping it for myself.  Though I have promised myself that the next quilt I keep will be big enough for my bed.  I’ve got a lot of throws, but hardly any bed size quilts.




Quilt Details:

PatternLittle Miss Sawtooth

Size – 60×72″

Blocks – 15 stars, 15 background blocks

Top Fabrics – MainAerial ClayBees & Bits Mellow, Diaphanous Tawny, Discovered Warmth, Fields of Goldenrod, Firefly Beam, Gitan Paradis Pearl, Illusion Pink, Jumpsie Daisy in Gumball, Pure Solid in Raw Gold, Rooted Warmth, Rose Tiles, Simple Living, Spicy Brown, Streakly Business Gold, Wandering with Doe, Passionate Spirit Salmon, Roadside Wildflowers, and Add it Up CactusBackgroundSpeck in bronzeGrunge in VanillaBlack Stars, Brushed in Metallic GoldSpeckled in White Gold, Add it Up Copper, Nature Walk Yellowstone and Spectacular in Azur.

Backing FabricsFields of Alsike and Your Heart Reverie

BindingSpeckled Metallic Peach

Batting – Warm and Natural batting by the Warm Company

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing

Techniques Used – longarm quilting and ditch binding

Quilt Label – Custom Little Miss label, tutorial for how to install it here


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Remember my ditch binding method?  I’m still in love with this way of binding!  I had originally planned to hand bind this quilt, but my daughter washes her quilts, blankets and bedding so often, that I wanted it to hold up to time, so I opted to do the machine binding.  While I love binding this way because of the no-show on the front, it’s still a little bit inconsistent on the back.  I’ve got a lot of room for improvement, I think.  Also, you can see from the pic, my stitches escaped a bit, I’ll be fixing that!  Ugh.

Thanks for reading along!



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  1. Raven’s a lucky girl! I love the understated colors and piecing perfection…your 9th LMS is just lovely. Makes me want to start another! I learned so much making my quilt with your gentle, REAL instructions. Thank you for realizing that some of us, probably MOST of us, are self taught, learning from books and blogs. You gave clear instructions, and included the quilting secrets to piecing and cutting I needed. You inspired me to attempt more difficult patterns without fear! Little Miss Sawtooth is my 4th attempt at quilting, and BY FAR, my best work. Thank you, thank you Melanie!

  2. It’s stunning! This is a pattern that can really look different each time. I think the low volumes do that. Mine is in progress- I’m sewing rows together!

  3. Beautiful! There is so much to love about your quilt, your pattern, your tutorials. Thank you for introducing me to Havel’s, yes I did buy and used the discount and will order again! I am putting the binding on one of three quilts I made and will send you photos! I learned so much and loved making my quilts. I loved seeing the progress and quilts on Instagram, what talented ladies! Thank you, this was a wonderful experience!

  4. Melanie, it’s absolutely beautiful!!! I never figured myself as someone who likes the color gold but I think you’ve inspired me?. I can’t wait to get my little Miss sawtooth done I’m still trying to decide on the background fabrics for the four patches. It was a great quilt along thank you!!

  5. Very nice, Melanie! I have to say that I have made many, many quilts, but for some reason, BY FAR this quilt was my favourite to make! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, from beginning to end! If you decide to do a #10, I will be there, I assure you, never mind that I’m doing 6 quilts this year online (yes, I AM a nutjob! Haha!). Wish I could show you my quilt, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to “print” it!

  6. This is a beautiful finish. The colors are so soothing and yet hopeful at the same time. I have the same problem with machine binding. I have been told to sew the binding to the back and stitching from the front where you can see where the edge is. I have to try that because I am not sure I would like the look of that.

  7. Hi! Did you just hand select every fabric? Or was this in a bundle? My mom is going to make a quilt for my daughter and we have had a lot of back and forth about pattern and fabric. I just love the way this one turned out. My daughter is almost two and I envision this quilt being with her for the long haul and this is whimsy and feminine, yet understated.

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