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Last year, during the time I was hosting the Bad Girl quilt along and we were all working on a few blocks a week, we probably made hundreds of half rectangle triangles between all of us.  You remember my tutorial for them, don’t you?  If not, it’s here.  Well, I try to write my quilt patterns exactly the way I want to make a quilt and I worked on that pattern over and over again trying different methods until I worked out the method that I use in the pattern.  And it works!  Every time.  And you don’t have to piece bias triangles or end up with wonky HRTs.  And you get them two at a time just like a half square triangle.  Still, though, they are pesky and tedious.

I knew I had a method that I liked, but I couldn’t stop thinking how much easier it would be with a ruler.  And someone emailed me and said, “hey, make a ruler.”  And I thought, why can’t I do that and eventually I thought I can SO do that!  So I popped on Illustrator and worked it out.  It took a bit, but if you know my previous method, then I think you could probably visualize exactly how the ruler works, because it works the same way as that little piece of copy paper.

I’m excited to tell you that Havel’s has manufactured this ruler for me and it’s going to be available to purchase very soon.  I will be telling you as soon as they do it, but in the meantime, after getting the ruler and waiting on its release to the world, I’ve designed another quilt that uses those super cool, but pesky little half rectangle triangles.

I’ll be talking more about the ruler soon, but for now, let’s chat about the quilt.



At the end of last year, Michael Miller Fabrics sent me a delicious bundle of their solid fabrics in colors I was hoping would pull me into Spring.  I knew I’d be working on this quilt in February, so I was planning ahead.  😉  I’ve gushed about their solids often, and I know you know they are my favorites.

I designed this quilt last summer just after designing the ruler.  It’s one of those quilts that you have to unfocus your eyes to see the shape and in this case, it’s that circular shape that gets made.  If you are familiar with the warp tool in Illustrator, it almost has that effect.

The blocks are huge!  And in each of the four sizes, you don’t have to make that many blocks.  When making the blocks, I kept looking at it and thinking I was doing something wrong, because I wasn’t seeing the effect I saw in the digital diagram, but after putting it on the wall and staring for long periods of time, I realized I just needed to un-focus my eyes.  I’m probably just being silly, but it’s what I’m seeing.  Lol.


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Moon Goddess is made with two alternating blocks.  Here’s what I like about it:  I like that the blocks are so big.  I like that if you look in the very center of the complicated block (Goddess), you see an almost sawtooth star block with wonky star points, but you can also look at it and see that unusual pointy circle shape that looks like the center star’s background.  I love all that negative space in the easier block (Moon) that I’m picturing quilted with circular feathers.

I’m ready to send it to my testers, but I’m on hold waiting for the ruler.  I thought it would be best if some test with the ruler and some test without.  There’s always quilters who don’t want more rulers.  I will tell you this though, this will be my third quilt pattern that features HRTs, and I’ve already written many more patterns that have the shape in it.  So if you are a reader of mine that tends to purchase the majority of my patterns, you’ll be needing this ruler in the future as well.  If you are on a budget and just can’t, no worries, the old tutorial for making HRTs will work perfectly for this pattern just like it did for Bad Girl.




Fabrics Included

Cotton Couture

Fairy Frost

Hash Dot

Dumb Dot

Pin Dot




I can’t wait to show you the backing that Michael Miller sent me for this one.  Oh, it’s gorgeous!  I’ll share that soon after it’s quilted.

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  1. Oh this is so pretty! I love the colors and the design! Your new ruler will be a big help to making half rectangles, but would you know if your quilt pattern could use the Accuquilt die for half rectangles?

  2. I did the Bad Girl quilt with you and don’t have the video saved. I tried your link to review your tutorial but it isn’t working for me. Love the Moon Goddess, hope you will do a sew along with it. Looking forward to seeing your ruler!

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