Housekeeping 2.25.2020

Trippy Quilt at Cades Cove


Hi!  I’m just popping in here today with a quick housekeeping post.  If you purchased any of my patterns before then you know that I almost always include video tutorials with them to help you along the way if you are a beginner or just learn better by getting a visual.

There are so many of the same building units that go into many different blocks and I find myself doing the same steps over and over again.  Let’s say I’ve got a new star block, but before I can show you how to put it together, we have to make a half square triangle.  Do you really need twenty videos of me doing the same thing in almost every star block?  I don’t think we do.

So I’ve decided, that those core skills, the ones we do over and over again:  half square triangles, flying geese, hourglass blocks, square in a square, and so on, these building units can be made into very short videos all by themselves, that I will continue to include in each of my patterns, but that may not be a part of the full video tutorial for the block.

Does that make sense?

All this to say, you are going to see some extra posts this week and next that may seem out of place and out of the blue.  🙂  I promise though, I have a purpose and plan.



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  1. Totally makes sense to me! Like Charlotte says, ABCs of piecing can be viewed by those who need them and ignored by seasoned piecers!! Smart of you so you don’t have to do the same demo every time!

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