Work in Progress – Moon Goddess #2


I don’t normally have two quilt patterns coming out within weeks of each other, but that’s where I’m at right now.   I had planned to release Moon Goddess back in February, but I wanted it to coincide with the release of the Half Rectangle Ruler and since the pandemic happened, shipping the ruler to the US got delayed.  Which was fine, no worries at all!  I just jumped into the next quilt pattern I was releasing, Oh Honey, that one took quite a bit of time since it was EPP.

Now here we are.  Sorry to bother you with the long story, but I just wanted to explain why they came out so quickly of each other.  I normally try to space these things out to make completing each of them easier if you were inclined to and to ease pressure on myself if I try to do too much too quickly.

So, Moon Goddess, let’s chat about her.

Here’s my first Moon Goddess quilt if you missed it.




I designed Moon Goddess specifically because I was releasing an HRT ruler and I wanted to have another quilt pattern that featured the shape.  You remember Bad Girl, right?  She plays with HRTs as well.  I think I designed this pattern early last fall when I found out about the ruler deal.  I was looking to make something that looked jewel like, but have a faux curve look.  If you stand back and gaze at Moon Goddess, my eyes sometimes see curves where there is no curves.

I wanted to name it something with the word “moon” in it because of that big negative space in every other block.  It reminded me of looking up at the sky.  I can’t remember how I settled on Goddess, but I think it suits it.



Makes two at a time HRTs in both directions



I tried very hard to keep this quilt on a beginner level.  I was going with confident beginner.  BUT it’s just not.  It’s tedious.  There are so many HRTs and even with the ruler (which makes it hella faster) they take their precious time.  Worth it, but I wanted to be completely honest.  This is not an intermediate pattern because you’ll be doing anything difficult, it’s an intermediate pattern because of the amount of labor needed for the work.

It’s the same shapes over and over again.  There’s also a video tutorial for almost every step of the way to help you.  So if you are a beginner, I wouldn’t tell you not to go for it, but I would tell you that you are going to be going for it for awhile.

Even as I say that, I also have to say that I adored working on this one.  Playing with fabrics that you love is the best!  Also, I LOVE the blocks in this quilt.  They are so striking.  I love how the center looks like a star stretching out to reach the corners and interior in the background looks like a lemon being looked at from it’s pointed side.




Let me gush a minute about how much I enjoyed working with the fabrics I chose.  Half were chosen from my personal stash and the other half I cut from the bolt over at Meander + Make.  I think that always makes things extra fun for me.  I look at the bolts of fabrics for the shop all day long and I’m constantly thinking about which one’s go together, but then I go and dig in my stash that makes them even better.  It may seem simple, but I get such a big kick out of that.

If you are someone who buys my curated bundles, I hope at least once you go and try to do the same thing.  Get a bundle, then go dig in your stash and make it your own.

Fabrics used (the ones I know):


Patchwork + Quilt (a class for learning to quilt)

  • Made especially for brand new quilters
  • Comes with two quilt patterns:  The Good Girl quilt and The Evening Walk quilt (the latter is exclusive to this class)
  • You will learn:  About sewing machines, how to work a sewing machine, a list of basic supplies, quilters terminology, all basic quilting skills, how to read a quilt pattern, how to make each of the blocks in the sampler quilt, how to cut backing and batting fabric, how to wall baste your quilt, how to meander quilt and how to machine bind a quilt
  • Sampler blocks will include skills such as: half square triangles, square in a square blocks, hourglass blocks, flying geese, snowball blocks, log cabins, half rectangle triangles and turning blocks on point.
  • There are 24 lessons in this class
  • 3 hours worth of video tutorials including video tutorials for every step of the way for the Evening Walk quilt
  • Class is set up to come to you by email.  Once you purchase, you’ll receive a downloadable PDF where you will click and sign yourself up to the email subscription.  Be sure to double opt in to get the classes started (check your spam folder if you don’t receive anything immediately).
  • An email will arrive to you every few days on a set schedule, but you can also go at your own pace


Get More Details



There’s a few more things I wanted to mention about the pattern.  It’s going to come with four different sizes.  The blocks are HUGE.  It’s going to be so much quicker for you to make if you have the HRT ruler, BUT if you don’t, no worries!  There is both tutorials included with the pattern.  You’ll find those tutorials here and here.  This is also a fat quarter friendly quilt.  The fabric requirements are specified in fat quarters (foreground).

The pattern is set to release on May 29.  It will be available in PDF and paper booklets.  The paper booklet is available for pre-order right now and will be on sale now through Sunday.

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  1. Lovely quilt, and beautiful choice of fabrics. But I have an off-topic question: what is the back story to the beautiful, lacy throw used in so many of your pictures? It shows up so often and is intriguing to me. Again, congrats on your new pattern releases.

    1. It lives on my front porch where I take most pictures. That’s how it ends up in so many of them. It’s something I picked up at a craft fair for just a few dollars. 🙂

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