Anthologie Quilt – Working on the La Fleur Block – #3

The posts in this series are all part of the pattern, Anthologie.  These are not tutorials or how to videos, but are of me making this quilt.  It’s meant to be similar to a self guided quilt along and hopefully feel like we are making this quilt together (even if you are finding this years later).  Do tag me on Instagram (@southerncharmquilts)!  I’d love to see what you do with it.  🙂

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One block today!  One pretty big block.  And oh, how I love this block.  I wouldn’t mind a whole quilt of these.

Fabric I’m Using


Product Spotlight

Diagonal Seam Tape is a perfect solution for sewing straight diagonal seams without having to mark any lines! The special washi tape is strong, thin, and removes cleanly after sewing projects. Simply place the tape in front of the feed dogs with the red line in front of the needle as the stitch line. The black lines on either side of the center line represent a perfect 1/4″ seam allowance and are a great resource to use when making half square triangles, or learning to keep a perfect 1/4″. Each roll is 10 yards.

Melanie’s TipI wrote a blog post with video tutorial about this product here.

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La Fleur Working Video



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Video Summary

This is one of my favorite blocks in Anthologie.  La Fleur is big and goes together fairly quickly.  The video shows me choosing the four fabrics, and shows me putting together the block.  I go into a bit of detail about how I use the diagonal seam tape to eliminate any need for me to draw lines on my squares.  This saves a lot of time!  I also go into about how I sewed the snowballed rectangles to the 9-patch and my points weren’t lining up because I was using the scant 1/4″ seam.  I swapped to a full 1/4″ seam and they came together nicely.

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I’m probably going to pair down my fabric pull a bit, so I don’t get off kilter with my colors.  I had pulled way too many and I want to make sure that each fabric I use gets used in the quilt more than once (with the exception of the appliques), so it needs whittled down a bit.  Sometimes I get a little too excited pulling fabrics.  🙂

Also, note to self:  I need to be sure to use green in something else, so that I don’t have an eyesore with my green flower stalk in the appliques.  The greens I used in the 9-patches aren’t reading as very green when everything is together.  Otherwise, I’m pretty pleased.

Tag me on Instagram and show me your progress, @southerncharmquilts and use the #anthologiequilt.

Happy sewing!



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  1. Hi Melanie!! I am loving watcjing this come together, you quilt is absolutely gorgeous… Are these posts meant to be for the Anthologie Quiltalong? I rhought they were just to get tjinking about our quilts before the QAL, but then I saw you said “show me your progress”… but i havent got my pattern yet? Just wondering if I am confUsed about whats happening… LOL That happens A LOT with me!!! ???

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