Anthologie Quilt – Working on 9-Patches – #2

The posts in this series are all part of the pattern, Anthologie.  These are not tutorials or how to videos, but are of me making this quilt.  It’s meant to be similar to a self guided quilt along and hopefully feel like we are making this quilt together (even if you are finding this years later).  Do tag me on Instagram (@southerncharmquilts)!  I’d love to see what you do with it.  🙂

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Easy sewing this time around.  We are making (9) 9-patch blocks.  I’ve got them using 3 different fabrics per block, but feel free to do your own thing if you prefer it.

Fabric I’m Using


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9-Patches Working Video



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Video Summary

A little caveat….  When I made this video I only used 6 fabrics, but I ended up changing the pattern to include 9 different fabrics (assuming you make your 9-patches based on the pattern).  Nine fabrics works out so much better and you won’t have as much trouble as I did keeping my fabrics from touching.  I say the word “trouble” very loosely.

The video shows me going through my ridiculously large fabric pull for this quilt and choosing fabrics that I want to use in my 9-patches.  I feel like 9-patches are a great time to loosen up and pair colorful fabrics together.  I go into a little bit about how I choose fabrics, how I don’t want to choose fabrics with the same scale and that I never pair two busy fabrics in a single block like this one.

Then, you see me stacking up the individual blocks, chain piecing them, pressing the rows and then pinning together to finish the block.  I alternate the seams like the pattern says to so that all of my seams nest and lie nice and flat.  I also press the cross seams open and starch everything.

After that, it’s sewing them into sections and then a little quilt building.  We are quilt building as we go, so we don’t have to do the whole thing at the end.  I prefer working this way when I make sampler quilts that aren’t exactly block based.

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I am having so much fun putting this quilt together, and I hope you are too.  Playing with fabric is the whole reason I started quilting.  Isn’t it the yummiest?!

Tag me on Instagram and show me your progress, @southerncharmquilts and use the #anthologiequilt.

Happy sewing!


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