Migration Quilt #5 – In Liberty + Gold – In Progress


Migration Quilt #5

I started this Migration quilt last summer, and it’s been one of the slowest going quilts  I’ve ever worked on (especially considering what an easy quilt this one is). I don’t remember why I randomly cut it up one night. I usually plan my quilts out just so, but this one was a bit of a whim. I painfully cut all the larger squares from all the hundreds of small cuts of Liberty fabric I have in my stash. Then, I cut all my golds (not following the pattern!), I accidently made them all the same size instead of different sizes.

You know this story well, I’m sure. It sat on one of my surfaces, cut and ready, and it sat and it sat. Then, randomly worked on the blocks, and then it sat and sat. You get the picture. Seven-ish months later, I need a quilt for a wedding shower……so, voila! I got the top finished just the other day.

Find my other versions of Migration Quilt here:






Migration is one of my favorite patterns I have. One of the reasons is how quick and easy it is to make, but also how versatile it can be.

I don’t remember what I was thinking when I pulled fabrics for this one. The colors seem like odd choices for me. Mostly pink and blue is not really my thing. That’s when I decided to put it together in a sort of ombre style. Once that came together I felt much happier!

It’s made with Liberty’s Tana lawn fabrics, so it is ridiculously soft and slinky.






I started quilting it the other day with puff flowers and the toothpaste design. I’ll show you soon. This is the backing I’m going to use for it.





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