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Lately in February

Today is a random assortment of things I’ve been working on or doing this month.

Earlier in February, I re-organized everything in my studio and one of the organization goals was to have all my WIPs in one place (read more about that here).  I have yet to work on a single one of my WIPs with the exception of a crochet sweater (The Danielle Sweater).  I’ve been doing some work each day on that.  For the life of me I can’t figure out what is up and what is down in the world of crochet wearables, but I’m excited to be learning something new.  I also can’t help but think of Grandma every time I pull the project into my lap.



In Emerge Circle of Do. Good. Stitches, our lead quilter was Allison this month and she had us working on these rose blocks.  Find her details here.  I thought I was enjoying this process, until I looked at my finished block and saw holes in my work.  Ugh.  It was an improv block, and haven’t had a huge amount of experience with that.  I ended up having to cut things off and re-work.

I also really wish I had stuck with one color.

I do have some recent finished pics of some of our group quilts that have been given to charity.

November in Emerge Circle by Wanda Dotson
January in Emerge Circle by Maggie Norman

If you click the quilt photos it will take you to the lead quilter’s Instagram page.

I really enjoyed working on these quilts.  Working as a group on something is lots of fun, and it feels good that these quilts are going to people in need.

I can’t remember where the November quilt went to, but January’s quilt was given to a lady fighting cancer.


Product Spotlight

Fat Eighth (9″ x 22″) each of the 30 prints from Colorbox by Zen Chic for Moda.

Purchase here.



Last Monday, I released the last block pattern in the Bari J Quilt Along.

In two weeks, we will tackle putting together a finished quilt top.  I’m pretty excited.  I’m ready to start quilting and adding all those little interesting bohemian touches I’ve been planning since last September.

On March 8th, I’ll be releasing my Good Girl pattern.  I’ll have a discount for the first day, be sure to be signed up to my newsletter here to receive that.

The newsletter is monthly and features community news and who I recently started following on IG.  If you have anything you’d like featured such as a new pattern or a quilt along, please don’t hesitate to send me a message saying you’d like something included.  There’s no charge for this, it’s just to spread quilting news in our community.


Fat Quarter Shop Basic of the Month Sale


Just in case you missed my post yesterday, I am now an ambassador for Havel’s Sewing supplies.

Havel’s has a serious array of cutting tools.  I am so impressed with how sharp the blades and scissors all are.

If you are buying a pair of scissors or their new rotary cutter or anything at all, be sure to use my coupon code ‘southerncharm7’ and receive $7 off any order of $25 or more.  Visit Havel’s Sewing here.

Several of you sent me messages yesterday that you had been using Havel’s for years and you felt they were the sharpest on the market.  As a complete newbie to Havel’s that was great to hear!

Tomorrow all Morning Sun Quilt Along subscribers will receive their new pattern in their inbox.  This one will follow up from the Double Pointed Dresden plate.  If you are not participating in this quilt along yet, but want to join, you can do so here.

Last week, I was so excited to get to have a conversation with Stephanie from the Modern Sewciety podcast.  I am a longtime listener to her show, I usually listen as I chain piece.  You can hear our conversation here.  We discuss both quilt alongs I have going on right now, my photography, and my whole start into quilting.

Stephanie is one of my favorite people in the quilting community.  She made me feel very comfortable and it was just like having a conversation about my favorite things with a friend.

Here is my finished block for the Modern Sewcialites BOM here.  The month of February was about what you love most about being creative.  What I love most is just the therapy and slowness that I feel sewing provides me.  It feels empowering to think that when I want something, I can go to my sewing machine and make, with my own two hands, exactly what I want in exactly the way I want it.  I like the tradition of it, the whole journey of a stack of fabrics to a finished quilt, and I feel that what I make is meaningful (at least to me).


I hope you had a beautiful February, friends.  Thanks for popping by and reading along with me!




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