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Dresden Plate Roundup – Dresden Quilt #6 – Progress Post

I’m working on my sixth Dresden Plate Quilt.  And yes, if you’ve noticed this, they are my most favorite quilt.

In fact, I’ve got an idea for a quilt pattern for this coming January.  It’s going to be super scrappy (as always).  And once again it’s all about strips.  ALL ABOUT SCRAP STRIPS.  As so many of my patterns happen to be.  It will also incorporate Dresden plates, but a bit different than the one I’m working on today.

Today, I just want to show you my progress pictures for a simple Dresden Plate quilt and share all my links on the topic.


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This is how I spent the end of last week.  Making Dresden plates.  And this quilt!  Oh my!  I think it’s going to be my favorite.  To be fair with every Dresden plate quilt I make, it becomes my new favorite.  Here’s all my other Dresden plate quilts:

The other two precede the blog.

I went to my color board on Pinterest and chose a color palette.  I was wanting something fall-ish, but pink.  I realize that it doesn’t look quite Fall yet, but just you wait when I introduce some gray.  Here’s my inspiration photo for the colors.  I used a bit more pink than the picture reads, but I’m thinking I can live with it.


The Good Girl Quilt

[easy-image-collage id=17146]

Get the Pattern


I’ll probably be spending most of the next few days sewing my Dresdens down on to their blocks and adding their centers.  This part always takes so long and the fun part to me is already over.  Adding them all completed on the design wall is something I’m looking forward to.

Here’s a few posts I’ve written if you are interested in Dresden Plate Quilts:


Customized Quilt Labels

Order A Label



Here’s a short list of my quilt patterns that include some Dresden plates:

Like I mentioned above, expect a new one releasing near the end of January.  Also expect it to take scrappy to a major level.  I’ll be starting a new series on fabric scraps soon and the new pattern (called Bad Girl quilt) will be the kickoff for it.

If you have questions about scraps, I’m taking notes.  Leave any questions you might have in the comments below or email me.


Until then, expect to see this lovely finished up soon.  I’ll be gushing about it over on IG until it’s finished.


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  1. Love this. Still amazed at how you get so many done. If I would learn how to quilt on the machine I might could get more finished. It takes me about 2 weeks to finish one small lap quilt.

  2. I LOVE these pretty dresdens!!! I can’t wait to see your new Bad Girl Quilt Pattern, either!! I always love your scrappy fabulous patterns!! truly, scrappy is how i prefer quilts to look, snndo save most of my scraps – since I just started this i guess I don’t have a ton yet, but I have a pretty good amount and I can see if I doñt get a system going soon, it could get crazy up in here!!! ? so, should I only keep certain sizes? Shapes (Like, no triangles? No irregular shapes?)? And should I sort them by size? By color? Should I keep them in their original size and cut later? Or, should i cut them into certain ‘usable’ sizes right away? I look SO forward to hearing your thoughts, and see how people store their scraps!! I love learning everything quilting!!!

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