Sugar Bear Quilt #2 – Velvet – Quilt Reveal

Sugar Bear Quilt in Velvet fabrics

Another quilt I sent off to Tracy Loukota for longarm quilting. I’m currently on a roll. I probably need to quilt something before I get rusty. Haha. She did such a beautiful job with this one.

I didn’t make this one with “my colors”, but this was such a beautiful fabric line and I adore everything Amy Sinbaldi does, so I used them anyway.

Tell me what you think in the comments. 🙂

This is the quilt I made in all the “working videos” for Sugar Bear that are included in the pattern.

All my other Sugar Bear Quilts:

Find the Sugar Bear quilt pattern here.

About the Quilt

This one is so scrumptious to me! I love the softness and minimal feel it has. It’s cool and a bit frosty unlike my usual warm quilts. There’s something delicate about it, and I’ll assume that has to do with the fabrics.

Tracy quilted so lovingly on this one too. That border! I feel so blessed to have her quilt one of my quilts for me.

Unlike my usual self too, I went with a very contrasting binding. I’m not sure I like it. It’s fine, but I wish I’d gone with something a bit more subtle. I used the same fabric for it that is used in the center of each block: Firefly Slumber. It’s such a pretty fabric.

Quilt Details:

PatternSugar Bear Quilt

Size – 70×70″

Style – Sampler

Top Fabrics – Used all Velvet fabrics by Amy Sinbaldi. Background is Vintage Lace by Figo.

Backing Fabrics – Whatnot Floral Peach

BindingFirefly Slumber

Batting Warm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing

Finishing Techniques –  longarm quilting by Tracy Loukota, Machine Ditch binding

Skill Level – Advanced Beginner

Label Found here

I am currently on a roll with finished quilts thanks to getting help with the quilting. Sometimes you just can’t do everything yourself. I’ve also finished one of the quilts from the book I’m currently writing. Can’t show you yet, but soon.

Feeling lucky and grateful to get to make quilts day in and day out. Sometimes I get to feeling a bit cooped up and locked away in my basement studio. It can be a bit isolating. And then sometimes, I stare at a bit of patchwork and realize the day has passed and I’ve been here all day undisturbed, making, and my heart will be so full.


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  1. HI Melanie, You said that you didn’t make this one in “my colors” but what are your colors exactly?
    And what are these colors, that are Not your colors? Is it because they are more turquoise and lime and pink? (it’s a little hard to tell exactly what they are from the photo). They look really beautiful, but then all of your quilts are beautiful.

    Also, why is it called “velvet fabrics”? Are the fabrics really made out of velvet?

    1. I think of my colors as anything that includes peach and gold. And not my colors when it doesn’t include those. Velvet is very green and pink. They are GORGEOUS! The fabric collection is called Velvet, it’s not the substrate. They are a quilting cotton.

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