Happyfolk Quilt #2 – Little Bouquets – In Progress

Happyfolk Quilt

I am extremely happy about this quilt. Over the moon. Tickled pink. All the expressions!

This is my second Happyfolk quilt and I KNOW there will be more. I’m even considering adding a border around a version of this to fit my bed. It could be possible!

See all of past Happyfolk quilts here.

Get the Happyfolk pattern here.


Let’s talk about these delicious fabrics! Because my oh my!! That gold is making my heart sing. It’s been a while since I’ve gone gold. I’ve been so busy with peach lately.

The background in this yummy is Giucy Giuce’s Little Bouquets Garfield from his Nonna line. So scrumptious! I’ve paired it with Kona Oyster. I was a smidgen disappointed with the Oyster at first. Seems a bit off to me, but when I added the Dresdens to it, it seemed to work.

The foreground is only two fabrics (unlike how I wrote the pattern, it’s meant to be scrappy low volume). They are both from First Light by Ruby Star, here and here.

I LOOOOOOVVVVE this quilt and I’m so ready to quilt it. By the time you read this, I’m sure I WILL be quilting it.

I’m making this version of this quilt to kick off the pattern release that happens in 10 days! You can already pre-order the paper version if you like

The Plan

The plan here is to quilt the Dresdens the same way I did last time (see here). And then for the rest of the quilt, I want to work on my elongated swirls, add in some pebbles and maybe some pointed leaves. I’m thinking no feathers, but on my last version I did feathers and it was just so pretty. We will see! Sometimes things change when you get in there and get going.

The backing! Oh gosh, the backing is GORGEOUS. I’ve used three fabrics. This one here. This one. And then a little bit of this fabric.

I’m thinking this fabric for my binding, but we will see. I might change that up.

It’ll take me several sessions to quilt this up even though it’s on the smaller end because of all those Dresdens. But I’m hoping to have it finished in time for release day.

If you are wanting to make this quilt and are a bit hesitant because of the Dresdens, know that there is a video tutorial for every single step of them in the pattern. They are a bit time consuming, but they are aren’t actually difficult. just “involved”.

I have this pattern skill level at an experienced beginner.


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