Trippy Quilt #7 – Mostly Cinnamon Tea – In Progress

Trippy Quilt

I’m currently working on my 7th (according to the blog) Trippy quilt. Really feels like I’ve made more of these than that. Maybe I forgot to blog about a few of these. Oh well, no matter! Let me get you all the details for this one…

Before I jump in though, I am re-releasing my Trippy quilt in standalone form and in a class as well. Before now, Trippy was only available as one of the patterns included in the Scrappy Pattern Pack.

Since I’ve been getting questions about this, I’m going to go ahead and answer here about the difference between the two. Scrappy Pattern Pack is a limited 3-pattern set. When you purchase it, you get: Trippy quilt pattern, Tea Time quilt pattern and Migration quilt pattern. The word “limited” refers to the fact that the instructions only go into detail for one size for each of the patterns.

With the new Trippy quilt pattern, it’s the SAME pattern but with more options for sizes and it comes with a lot of the extras that my newer patterns come with like the the Scrappy Backing instruction pages.

If you have Scrappy Pattern Pack, you really DO NOT need Trippy quilt pattern, unless you just want to have it.

Get the Trippy quilt pattern here.

View my other Trippy quilts here.

About Trippy Quilt

So another quilt made with Cinnamon Tea fabrics… mostly! There’s also quite a bit of other designer fabrics included, along with some solids. I also mixed in some Earthy Goodness fabrics.

One thing I did not use AT ALL in this quilt… low volume! LOL! Yeah, quite the difference considering on every single other Trippy I’ve made in the past, half the fabrics have been low volume. But I wanted to go warmer this time around.

I did allow some soft peaches and blushes in and that kinda lightened it up some. It actually lightened everything more than I expected. But it’s hard to be mad about it…. I’m so happy with how this one turned out!

Trippy Quilt Class

I’m in the process of filming a class for this quilt. If you purchase the class, and you can do so here, the PDF pattern comes with it. The heavy focus in this class is workflow, choosing fabrics and finishing techniques. If you are looking for help or want to watch me walk through color palettes and choosing fabrics to fit that, then this might be a class you are interested in.

It’s an advanced beginner class, so if you have a few quilts under your belt already, you are good to go!

This Version

I’m using mostly Cinnamon Tea fabrics, and several of the Earthy Goodness prints. All the other prints can be found in the browns sections at Meander + Make. There is an obscene amount of fabrics in this quilt and I wouldn’t begin to be able to name them all.

The Plan

I know I’m going to be doing an all over design for the quilting, but not quite sure yet what I want to do. Trippy quilt is crazy busy, so the quilting doesn’t pop like it does on other quilts and for that reason I’ll be keeping it simple.

The Trippy quilt pattern is available for pre-order at a discounted price for another week or so. Both paper booklet and PDF pattern will release on July 8, 2022.


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