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Bohippian Quilt

I am so pleased to have a finished English paper pieced quilt top!

In the background of the past year and a half, I’ve been stitching here and there on a grandmother’s flower garden quilt I’ve been calling it Bohippian. I’m using the English paper piecing method (EPP). The majority of the work done on this quilt took place on my couch in the evenings while me and the husband watched TV or just relaxed. But I’ve also drug this project every where I’ve been. It went to the Gulf countless times on little getaways. It went out west last fall. It’s been stitched during car rides, plane rides and pool side. It’s been everywhere with me.

I’ve spent days on end stitching on it, but I’d also skip entire weeks and even months working on it. I worked on it when I felt like it and not when I didn’t. There were no deadlines or timeframes. I just let myself be. If you have never EPPed, you must give it a go. If not EPP than some other S L O W hand craft. It is the most therapeutic and meditative, de-stressing work I have ever done.

It’s also really nice to have a quilt I SLOW work happening in the background of my life. It’s a really nice change of pace amongst all my quicker projects. You don’t have to choose one or the other. You can have both!

I want to encourage you to try it! I have tutorials of all of it here. And yes, I’m working on a pattern for this one that will release later this year, but until then, maybe give Oh Honey a go? It’s MUCH quicker than this one and will give you a nice feel for EPP.

About the Bohippian Quilt Pattern

This is a pattern that’s been around for decades, except they didn’t used to use the English paper method we use today. I have a handful of quilts made by Grandma Nora that she hand pieced. She pieced hexagons together, nothing else. I’m not sure our way is faster, but I’d say it is probably sturdier.

The problem is though, it’s not easy to find a pattern with very precise and simple instructions. It’s such a common quilt and there are SO MANY variations of it. It’s hard to find a pattern at all.

So I’m writing one…

Mostly because I wasn’t doing any fussy cutting. I wasn’t using scraps. My fabric choices were very slim (only 4) and it’s all very uniform. This needs a pattern!

It needs a pattern with boxes I can check off or at least a place for notes. It’s hard keeping up with what you’ve done a year and a half later. So I’m writing this pattern with some space for you to be able to leave yourself some notes.

I REALLY like to get everything cut up in the beginning of a quilt. It keeps things organized. I know when it comes with EPP you are meant to be more mindful with your choices, go the extra mile since so much work is going into it. BUT with this quilt I wasn’t doing any of that…

I plan on having the pattern available around early summer.

This Version

This is my third progress post on this quilt. You can read about the beginning here.

I’m using:

The Plan

I’m planning on quilting this one with a lot of feathers, maybe only feathers. I’ll back it with one of the Cinnamon Tea fabrics. Not sure about binding just yet.

Be sure to check out all of my English paper piecing tutorials here. Give it a go! It’s relaxing and fun.


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