A Dresden Quilt #12 – Cinnamon Tea – In Progress

A Dresden Quilt

This is my 12th A Dresden quilt! Mind blown! But someone wanted one, so I went for it. AND in Cinnamon Tea fabrics which really just sealed the deal for me.

Just a head’s up– A Dresden quilt is a FREE QUILT PATTERN in my pattern library. You have to have a password to get in, but I include it in every one of my bi-weekly emails. If you are already subscribed, just do an inbox search for “southern charm quilts” and you should find it. If you are not subscribed, you can do so here. If you have any questions about this process, I have answers here.

Get the A Dresden quilt pattern here.

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About A Dresden Quilt

I made this one using almost all Cinnamon Tea fabrics. There is a smidgen of Earthy Goodness and Gentleness in the background though. Find all of my fabric collections here.

These fabrics continue to make me ridiculously happy and they match everything going on in my house. All intentional! Lol! I’m not going to get to keep this one though, which is a bit of a downer.

For the plates, I used most of the prints in the collection, even the light ones, with the exception of the low volumes ones. For the background I used all low volume, but then I added a couple of peach prints from the Cinnamon Tea collection, along with a couple of tan solids. I LOVE the effect!

In retrospect, I might have added a little bit more of that darkest brown. Adding more would have balanced the quilt. Or I could have removed it completely.


Because I’m not keeping this one, I’ll be doing meander quilting on the background and my standard swirls and loops on the Dresden plates. I’ll show you this soon! I’m planning on a tutorial for it.

For the back I’m using Moonglow Earth wide back. It blends with the colors on the front so well!

I’ll be finishing this one up all this week. I’ll show you soon. Thanks for reading along!


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