How to Label Your Quilt – Video Tutorial

Hello! Today’s video tutorial is a sample from my Trippy Quilt Class about how to label your quilt.

Even though I don’t talk about quilt labels very often, they are a significant part of my business and I’ve been making them for quilters for well over 8 years now (so scary how quickly time passes!). And I label each one of my own quilts.

It may seem a bit extra, but as the owner of MANY quilts from several grandmothers, I often find myself wondering about the who, what, where of them all. I have one single quilt that my grandmother showed me that she had made from the baby clothing of her children and some of her husband’s shirts. The rest of them are guesses. I have gathered some information on my own, but a quilt label on these lovelies would answer many of my questions.

I design a coordinating label for each quilt pattern I design, which is fun! We sell those here. And as I mention in today’s video, just because I make them for my own patterns, I’d still make a quilt label for a different pattern from another designer.

Have a look through our quilt labels here if you are interested.

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