Work in Progress – Para Para Quilt #2 – Violet Sky Fabrics


I feel like I’ve been doing everything in slow motion.  There’s not seeming to be enough hours in the day lately.  I’m ten days late having this quilt top completed (a self imposed deadline).  I’m distracted with doing nothing and I’m starting to get on my own nerves.  Do you ever feel this way?  Truth be told, I’m doing it all to myself.

But finally, finally, I have my second Para Para done.  I’ve enjoyed every second of making this one even if it was done much slower than I wanted.  If you haven’t seen Para Para before you can see all the posts about it so far here.

Let’s settle in and I’ll tell you all about it.  🙂



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I told you about these fabrics here.  It’s one of the kits we’ve prepared for the pattern release called Violet Sky.  I am so in love with these colors y’all!  Almost all the foreground prints are from Moda and Ruby Star Society.  They are also all blenders which made this extra easy since I didn’t have to worry about making sure everything was turned in the correct direction.  Same with my backgrounds, although they are from many different fabric companies.  The border being the exception.  That one is the only directional print I used.  I did have to do some funny cutting to make sure my borders had all my moons facing the right way.


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One thing made difficult with this quilt is that every block has a particular position it needs to be in.  You’ll notice the Sweet Spot blocks (the ones with the applique circles) are turned at mirror images to each other.  So you are constantly having to check in and be present.  I was on my last little bit of of sewing when I realized I had mixed up a Sweet Spot and Bow Tie in positions. Annoyed, I picked up my seam ripper and got busy undoing.  We all have to do it sometimes.  I’ve put this quilt pattern at an intermediate level, not because of the difficulty, but because some of the sections are involved and may seem overwhelming at times.


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The quilt uses all rotary cutting and pieces with the exception of the Sweet Spots.  Those are done with applique.  I talked more about those here.   You can really see those sweet little HR moons in this pic.  It didn’t take me as long to pick out my border.  I had been thinking of that fabric since my last Para Para.



I also really loved the Tula Pink fabric around the my tree trunk.  It’s called Fairy Dust and I really thought it looked like Confetti Cake mix.


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I’ve been plotting the quilting on this one.  I’m going to do a few things similar to my last, but it will be much more involved with lots of different FMQ designs I’ve been learning.  I’m still all about upping my game at this part and I’ve got a long way to go.


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I do hope you’ll join us for the quilt along that starts February 14.  Sign ups are here.   For my next Para Para, I’ll be using this bundle, and unlike my last two I’ll be sticking with one solid fabric as my background, this one.  The Para Para pattern releases this coming Friday (1/24), if you are signed up for my newsletter, you’ll get an email about it.  You can find all the kits and supplies we are offering with it here.







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