Swoon #3

I’m making another Swoon quilt.  Don’t judge me!  I’m not obsessed.  This one is for a custom order.

In Sarah Jane’s Magic fabrics (<—-insert sigh of happiness here).

First, if you have never heard of Sarah Jane, have a look here.  Yep, now imagine all of that on fabric.  You can read more about Sarah Jane here.

Sarah has had 5 fabric collections with Michael Miller fabrics and I think I saw that the next one is a Christmas collection to come soon.

I have made two quilts using Sarah Jane fabrics for the first time these past couple of weeks.  The first quilt is already finished.  See it here (don’t forget to swipe to the left).  The second is the one that this post is about.

Prepare to find your inner child.  Prepare for innocence and happiness.  Prepare to dream of mythical creatures like mermaids and unicorns.


Okay, good.  Moving on.

My sweet pea quilt buyer chose the Magic fabrics for her quilt + she added an extra one.  It’s the navy anchor fabric.

So we got navy.  We got mint.  A little turquoise.  A super pale pink.  A medium pink.  All the good stuff.

I know that you know that I don’t normally like to make a quilt in a single fabric collection, but I’ll make an exception for these beauties.

Unlike my other Swoon quilts, this one will have ‘mostly’ fussy cut centers.  I needed 18 fabric choices to make the quilt, but the fat quarter bundle had like 22 or something like that, and I wanted to use all the prints, so some of my centers are different from what they have been on all my other Swoon quilts.

and THESE fabrics were dying to be fussy cut!  So it worked out great.

I’ve been working on these blocks off and on for a week.

I have to tell you.  This morning I had the building pieces of these blocks done and I was just piecing them together.  And then you keep going and going and it slowly turns into the quilt block you want it to be and the whole time I’m squealing with delight and giggling to myself.  Novelty prints make me happy.

Another thing Sarah does really well?  All her fabrics feature a diverse group of children.  All the colors of the rainbow.  How sweet is that?

My favorite block of these 9?



You do see the little merboy in the middle riding the unicorn, don’t you?


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