Monday is All About Fabric #6 – Liberty Tana Lawn

Prepare yourself for a feast for the eyes.

Prepare yourself for the creme de la creme of fabrics.

And no, I’m not here talking about another beautiful line of fabrics.  I am talking about Liberty’s Tana Lawn.

Are you struck?  I was immediately the very first time I ever saw Liberty.  I may be crazy, but it reminds me of the tiny florals of the 1930s.  The teeniest of designs in the sweetest of colors.

But I never held it in my hands.  Not once.  And never shopped anywhere that sold it.  It just never entered my mind to go after it.

Ava & Neve Liberty Art Fabrics Brisbane

Then, I’m in the tub.  Yes, tub.  With bubbles.  And I was pulling pictures from magazines, creating a color palette and then Martina from Ava and Neve contacted me and said, “Hey, you never use Liberty fabrics.  Can I send you some?”  I squealed with delight for several minutes and then replied with an ecstatic, “YES!!!!”  What a sweetheart to send me fabrics!  And Liberty fabrics on top of it.

I stalked my mail lady daily.  “Anything from Australia?”

It actually came pretty quickly for something that comes from the other side of the world.

Now let me tell you:  THIS fabric is worth every praise that Liberty Tana lawn fabrics ever get.  You just never know until you hold something in your hands.

So I’ve been petting it and petting it.  I really just can’t get over the feel of it.  It’s love at first feel and first sight for me.

It’s light and airy, and has a silkiness to it.

Do you remember those magazine pictures that I was tearing out from the tub?

Look how well the Liberty fabrics goes with them.  MTB!

It’s spring and I’ve been thinking flowers and happy, cheerful colors and now these fabrics have just fallen into my lap.

A list of what I’m showing off in my pictures:

small ocean forest

Mrs. Munroe


land of dreams



beach blossom


betsy ann

claire aude my favorite!

This whole bundle I’m showing off today is part of a monthly subscription they have at Ava and Neve.  Every month members get 10 fat sixteenth prints of Liberty fabrics.  That’s 9×13″ if you are unfamiliar with a 1/16 cut.  This was the March bundle.  You could really build up quite a stash as a member of this club.  Imagine having a stash of Liberty fabrics!  Read more details about the monthly subscription here.

While I waited for my generous gift of Liberty fabrics from the lovely Martina, I designed a quilt pattern.

I still need to write it of course, so hold your horses, BUT you are not going to believe the easy way these blocks some together and just in case you are having a hard time seeing it in my graphics… it’s basically a separated hourglass block.  And the cool part is it fades as it travels down the quilt.

I am going to write it so that it uses that 9×13″ cut from the Liberty Society club.  So if you are a member or if you are buying 1/16 cuts you are in luck.

I can’t wait to get started!


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