Monday is all about Fabric – #57 – A Turquoise AGF Bundle

Hello, fabric lovers!

I think I’ve already wrote about the green happening everywhere around here as Spring comes into full bloom and I’ve got a bundle that’s bringing that green inside.  Oh, and let’s not forget the aqua and the blue, and as always, the low volume.  I’m thinking about how great this bundle would look in Wobbly quilt, with some scraps added of course!  🙂

You didn’t think I could just use ten prints did you?  Not a chance!

P.S – Wobbly Quilt pattern will be getting updated and changed to the new pattern format very soon.

Go make you some tea.  I’m drinking cinnamon again.  Let’s chat fabric!


 Every edition Fat Quarter Bundle includes 10 fat quarters.
Every box is unique and includes randomly selected fat quarter cuts from a mix of Art Gallery collections in a printed designer box.

Pick a color and purchase here.



Here’s what we’re looking at:

So sweet!  I am loving this grouping.  The three pale fabrics in the middle are all from the new Printemps Fusion.  Kinda wished I’d bought the whole bundle of that line, but more color was needed for the custom quilt these fabrics were purchased for.

I’ve bought the turquoise floral before.  It’s called Swifting Flora.  It is one of my favorite fabrics ever!  The color is just fabulous and I love the look of the watercolor flowers.

The script fabric is another one from AGF’s Fusion lines, so it’s been remade, but if you ever used the earlier versions of it, you will notice that the font size is much bigger in this remixed version.  Love that print!


Support a small shop

 Bobbie Lou’s Fabric Factory is one of my favorite fabric shops.  Right now there are 500+ different fabrics on sale there and I definitely spied some I’d like to add to my stash.

Chelsea, the owner of Bobbie Lou’s, even has a section dedicated to florals, so yeah, I’m kinda smitten.

Visit the shop here.




Cotton + Steel Boutique

To come this week

I’m working on a few things this week:

  • Wednesday there will be a tutorial for scrappy binding and Coin Quilt #2 reveal.
  • Coming later is a quilt reveal of my second Good Girl quilt.
  • Also, I just got a shipment of Cotton + Steel thread by Sulky.  Very excited to test it and review it.  Prettiest spools I ever did see!
  • I’m almost done with the tougher section of my newest pattern called Gyspy Skies.  After this, it starts coming together quickly.  I can’t wait for you to see it.  If you like mixing machine and hand work this one is for you.
  • I’m also updating some of my older patterns:  Wobbly Quilt and Follow Your Arrow.  Those are great learning patterns.  Should be sometime in May for those two.

Have a lovely week, friends!


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