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Quilt Reveal – Falling Slowly Quilt

I actually finished this quilt last week, buuuuuut it took me a few extra days to complete the pattern, so I waited to show it to you.

This is one that was in my head for quite sometime and it feels great to have it completed, but also free myself of it.  Pattern writing takes quite a bit of time and steals the attention from other things, like making scrappy quilts because my bins are bursting.  I really need to get to that.

I do enjoy it though.

My last post was also about this quilt.  You can read it here.

I quilted this one in a meander.  For me the meander is such a de-stresser.  I’ve started diffusing lavender essential oils while I work, and I put in my ear buds and just go to town on the quilting.

Petting these silky Liberty fabrics was also an enjoyment for me.  Like really, really.  You too can enjoy Liberty fabrics.  Find them here.

Besides Liberty fabrics, I used my low volume scraps and a little bit of stash.  My low volumes are currently in a state of depletion and I have ordered some more (I’m going to talk extensively on low volume stash upkeep very soon).

This pattern is now available for purchase here. 

It’s a great pattern.  If you are looking for something to help you bust your scraps, particularly for the background part of this quilt, this is a great way to use them up.  For the ‘color/print’ part of this quilt, it’s very layer cake friendly and uses 8.5″ squares to start with.  Also, if you are a member of Liberty Society, those cuts are perfect for this quilt, and you still end up with a significant scrap leftover for some smaller work.  I’ve designed the pattern especially for the Liberty Society.

This pattern was tested by three lovely ladies.  They helped me immensely.  You can view their pictures on Instagram using the #fallingslowlyquilt.

This particular quilt is available to purchase here.

I am also making as a custom quilt option where you can choose your own fabrics or colors.  View those details here.

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