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Bohippian Quilt in Georgia Peach

Well, I finally did it! I finally finished my very own Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. My goodness! A two year endeavor and yep, you guessed it, completely worth it.

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About this Bohippian

I made the 70″x74″ size in the pattern. I started this sometime in the second half of 2020 and finished it up a couple of weeks ago. It FEELS SO GOOD to finish such a large and time consuming project.

With this making a little bit here and there, it didn’t really feel that time consuming. It felt like a “thing” my hands did as the rest of me relaxed. It was therapeutic. The pieces in this quilt have gone everywhere I’ve gone over the last one and a half years. And I’ve traveled here and there, stitching on roadtrips, plane travels, and lots of tiny moments in between.

I quilted this one with running continuous feathers. A first for me! It was pretty time consuming as well, but I loved doing it. Here’s a video of that process here.

Quilt Details:

Pattern – Bohippian Quilt

Size – 70″x74″

Top Fabrics – Bristling Balmy, Speckled Cactus, Pure White Linen and Pure Georgia Peach

Backing Fabrics – Deep Breaths in Hoodoo and Catch Your Breath Eggshell

Binding – Flowers Wheat

Batting – Warm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing, Polylite in Ecru for free motion quilting

Finishing Techniques – Free motion quilting – Running Feathers; Binding – Chunky Hand Stitch

Skill Level – Beginner English paper piecing (here for tutorials)

Label  Found here

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Am I planning ANOTHER English paper piecing project? Of course I am! These babies are addictive!


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