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Me + Low Volumes = LOVE – Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt #2 ( quilt reveal )

I was so ridiculously pleased to get to visit this quilt again.

For those of you who are newer around here, Little Miss Sawtooth was a quilt along I did late summer of 2017.  It was meant to practice flying geese units, but also learn how to change up quilt blocks to make them your own.

You can read more about the quilt along here.

So let’s go put on a pot of tea, sit and sip, and gush over fabrics and springtime.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  I’m already sipping my own tea.



During the quilt along we made a large throw quilt (my favorite quilt size), but this was actually a custom order and a crib size was requested.  A quilt similar to the original was asked for as well.  For this version I made 6 star blocks and 6 background blocks, SO much quicker than the original.

Blocks are laid out in 3 rows of 4.

If you are just learning to make quilts, I consider this quilt pattern to be a great place to start.  Many basic skills go into this quilt.

For a look at my original finished Little Miss Sawtooth quilt visit here.


Product Spotlight

Fat Quarter (18″ x 22″) each of the 30 prints from Colorbox by Zen Chic for Moda.

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Can I take a minute and gush about low volume fabrics?  Are you tired of hearing me go on and on?  I’m sorry, dear Reader.  I cannot help it!  You know that feeling of love when you are always trying to find a way to insert your love into every conversation you have.  Well, that’s me + low volumes.  I gush, I pet, I dote and carry on.  It just really does it for me.  If I was to ever design fabrics, I swear to you it would be a whole collection of low volumes, and we would never be parted.

Unlike the teenage version of myself when my love was for some random boy, I CAN adequately describe why I’m so in love with low volumes….

My Reasons

The biggest reason for my love is the ethereal quality that a quilt takes on when I use low volumes.  It’s pale without being boring, white but not vanilla.  The quilt will almost glow.  I’m a lover of scrappiness.  If my print fabrics are already scrappy, why not make the background too?  The result is scrappiness on both levels which makes my heart sing.  And when your heart sings, you know it’s love.

Another reason is the versatility.  You cannot pull a single fabric from your stash that doesn’t work with low volume.  Go ahead and try it.  It works with dark fabrics, it works with light fabrics, and I like things to be easy breezy.


Fat Quarter Shop Basic of the Month Sale

So let’s talk about this mega crinkliness.  I mentioned in maybe the last two of my quilt reveals that I have stepped up my basic wandering meander/stipple.  I started making it very tiny and tight.  The result is over quilting and all that yummy texture.

To be honest, I spent a full minute petting the quilt after pulling it from the dryer.  It felt niiiiiiiiice.

I’m probably going to be making this my standard.

Some helpful links for things I’ve mentioned:


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  1. I’m new to quilting and just found you. I would love to try some of these squares.The link to the pattern doesn’t work. Is it still available?

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