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Today’s post is a part of a series called The Quilt Maker’s Toolkit, showing and teaching about the products I use while I make my quilts.

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There are so many of us quilt makers that have strong feelings about our batting and I am no different.  I have tried several different kinds of batting.  There was just something about them that wasn’t exactly what I needed.  Once I found The Warm Company’s batting, I quit searching.  This is the only batting I use and I’m going to tell you why.

As you know, I wall baste all of my quilts, because of that I have to have a batting that hangs straight and flat.  Many battings I’ve tried will get those little pockets of slack in them and this is a definite no-no for the wall since I can’t get things flattened.  Before I found The Warm Company I would have bumps in my quilts from where it wrinkled and I had quilted over it.

No more.

I’ve been using this batting since 2014 or 2015 and I’ve used it exclusively.  Let me tell you what I like about it.


Product Spotlight

Manufacturer: Free Spirit
Designer: Anna Maria Horner
Collection: Floral Retrospective
Content: 100% Cotton
Width: 44”

18 Pcs of Fat Quarters

Purchase here at Fabric Party.



I’ve mostly used the Warm & Natural.  It does what I need it to.  It’s FLAT, no furry stuff, no slack holes, just smooth needle punched batting.  The Natural sometimes has those tiny bits of cotton seeds that would be my only complaint about it and that only matters when I use very light fabrics.


They do also offer a Warm & White option for that very thing.  It’s bleached white specifically for very white quilts.

I buy my batting wholesale directly from The Warm Company by the roll.  So I’m buying 40 yards of it at a time.  Because of this last year they sent me a sample of their new Warm 100 batting plus this little sample book of all the products they offer.  I had no idea they had so many products!

I gave the Warm 100 a try and it was hands down the softest batting I’ve ever touched.  Much softer than my usual Warm & Natural.  I preferred it because of the softness, but also it didn’t have the cotton seeds and it’s still completely natural with no bleaching.  So I bought a whole roll and have been using that in my quilts.

However, the Warm 100 doesn’t come in the 124″ size that I normally buy (I make a lot of queen size quilts), so I’m using it for everything smaller than a queen, and the Warm & Natural for everything bigger than that.

The Warm Company also offers poly batting (seen in the top right hand corner of the pic above), though I’ve never tried it.  I will say this about it though, just touching the sample, it’s not like that batting I remember buying and hating the first time I ever bought poly batting.  It’s thinner and needle punch and has some similarities to the cotton.

The fleece batting I think those are used for bags?  I’ve never used it before either, but the samples feel very thick and the descriptions says they are fusible which is very interesting.


Support a small shop

 I promise that if you visit this shop you will drool with all the fabric goodness that is happening.

Modern Quilter just has too many ‘must have’ bundles for me to link to, like this or this!

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Last Fall when Bari asked me to run the Bari J quilt along with her, I approached several businesses with products that I use to see if they would be willing to sponsor our quilt along and give prizes away to our participants.  The Warm Company was one of the businesses that joined in.

On Monday, a new pattern comes out from the quilt along and the giveaway will be three batting packages (shown in the first picture) for three different winners.  More details then and over at Bari’s site.



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