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The Quilt Maker’s Toolkit – Havel’s Snip-a-Stitch Seam Ripper ( video tutorial ) + How to use a seam ripper

Today’s post is a part of a series called The Quilt Maker’s Toolkit, showing and teaching about the products I use while I make my quilts.

There are no products in this series that I do not use and use often, though sometimes my opinions may change as I grow and move along in my journey of quilt making.  To view all posts in this series click here.




Hello, lovelies!

I hope you are having a wonderful day.  We’ve got sunny skies and warmer weather here, so I’ve been doing lots of porch sitting and slow stitching.  It’s been nice.

Today I’m talking to you about seam ripping.  Ugh.  Yes, I know.  Seam ripping was always going to be doomed to be something you hate doing.  I mean if you are doing it, it means you have made a mistake or done something you don’t like.

I can’t tell you how many times I have grumbled, cursed and lashed out at myself as I use my seam ripper.  AND to top it all off, the actual act of seam ripping is about as annoying a task could possibly be.

I stumbled upon a tool that has at least changed the “annoying” part of this ordeal.

Let’s have a chat about it.

Today’s post is a sponsored post.  My opinions are honest and are my own.  I will never review a product I wouldn’t purchase for myself.


Product Spotlight

4 1/2" Snip-a-Stitch Scissors The easier, more effortless way to rip, I mean snip your unwanted stitches.

Read more details and purchase here.

This seam ripper from Havel’s acts like a pair of scissors.  It literally snips your stitches.  Here’s what Havel’s has to say about it on their website…..

Get closer to your stitches, seams and threads than ever before with the most versatile, long-lasting snips you’ll ever need! Our 4 1/2” Snip-a-Stitch Scissors are small, lightweight and cut quickly and easily. The notched blade grabs single stitches removes them effortlessly, and the easy squeeze action is ideal for tired or arthritic hands.

● Removes individual stitches, seams and threads
● Sharp, curved blade slides easily underneath
single stiches
● Comfortable, easy to use
● No more troublesome stitching errors!

This item has dozens of outstanding reviews because it WILL actually make the seam ripping snipping SO.  MUCH.  EASIER.

But let me show you….

Using the traditional seam ripper can sometimes result in pulls or tears in your fabric.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slipped up and ripped right through my fabric.  Now, all I have to do is simply slip the hook of the snips into my stitch and cut.  Done.

Even more than having to remove the stitches from your patchwork pieces, this tool is great for removing quilting stitches.  YES!  Those stitches are the absolute worst to have to take out and with this tool you can really make the job much more simpler.

You can purchase the snips here.

If you are spending more than $25 at Havel’s, use my coupon code for $7 off!  The code is ‘SouthernCharm7’ (without the quotations).

If you have this tool or end up needing it, please let me know in the comments below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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