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Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt #4 – quilt reveal

Yes, I made this quilt again!  I really enjoyed this one too.  I didn’t choose the colors, but I did get to choose all the fabrics.  The star blocks in this quilt are just perfect for your scrap boxes.  I could go on and on about how much I enjoy getting to pull those boxes down and validate why I keep all of them, but I won’t bore you to death.

We have a lot of new readers lately.  Thanks for showing up here to read about my quilts.  I thought it might be nice to direct you new readers or any new or long time quilter where you can get this pattern and why you might enjoy it.


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About Little Miss Sawtooth

Little Miss Sawtooth Star Quilt was actually a quilt along I hosted in 2017.  The quilt along is free and is still up today.  It’s a free pattern from start to finish.  There’s even a basting, quilting and binding tutorial that goes along with it.  Find the master page for the quilt along here.

The idea was that you can alter any block and make your own with just a few changes.  If you look at the quilt in the picture above you will see many different sawtooth star blocks with different centers.

This quilt is also a great way to get down and dirty with flying geese units.  By the time you’ve finished this quilt, you’ve probably mastered them.

I always start this quilt the same way, by making all the flying geese I need first and then slowing down and thumbing through my scrap baskets to make the centers.


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The perimeters I had for myself on this quilt was that all the stars needed to be shades of blue and green.

See my other versions of this quilt here:


My fourth version of this quilt is a full/queen size quilt.  It measures 84×96″

I needed 56 blocks total, so 28 background blocks and 28 star blocks.  I used four of each of the star block patterns and cut out the “make your own” stars.  That meant making 112 flying geese units.  Yah!  Ugh!

Truth be told I don’t mind flying geese too much anymore like I used to.  It was also during making this quilt that I ended up having to make my own starch for those flying geese.


The Carolina Mingle Quilt

[easy-image-collage id=17460]

Get the Pattern



I quilted this quilt with Quilt+ thread, my current go to for quilting in a bright aqua shade.  The aqua against the low volume is really making that thread pop off of that quilt nicely.  The binding is Woodgrain by Joel Dewberry in aqua.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the back of this quilt.  The backing was one of my best, mostly consisting of this fabric and this fabric.



New quilters are always asking me what’s the best pattern to learn by and I consistently say make a sampler quilt.  There are so many different skills involved in them and you can learn multiple techniques within one quilt.

I am working on a post dedicated to new quilters.  If you are new to this craft, please take a minute and leave me a comment below or message me here.  I’m interested in knowing what your biggest hurdles are, what you are not finding tutorials for and what would help you the most.


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  1. Hi Melanie! I’m really enjoying your website, especially as a new quilter! I am brand new to quilting (any sewing at all actually). Buying fabric!! ??I’m working on my 5th quilt and so far, I’ve only used precuts – layer cakes and jelly rolls and made quilts specifically for use with those. I’m ready to move beyond that but I have no idea how to start buying fabric for a particular quilt or how to buy fabric just to start collecting. Being a beginner, I’m still spending money on gathering other supplies as well so I don’t have much of a fabric collecting budget I’m afraid. Thank you!

  2. Love, love, love the blue and green! My two favorite colors! I am going to attempt a low volume. I don’t know why but my hands always reach for the brights!?

  3. I’m a beginner quilter but a long time dressmaker so anything that involves the sewing machine is pretty comfortable for me (including FMQ). Where I am struggling is with accurate rotary cutting – where to line the edge of the fabric up with – I wonder if it is different with different ruler brands which is why I can’t seem to find much information on it. Then there is the slippage issue – I have small hands and if I keep half my hand off the ruler to steady it (like some people say), it definitely slips because very little of my hand is covering the ruler even on a 6″ ruler. I find it frustrating because I know my cutting is affecting the piecing.

    1. I’ve got a really terrible video of it here: https://southerncharmquilts.com/blog/2017/10/12/basic-patchwork-skills-for-quilt-making/ But this is covered in my new class as well that comes out this Wednesday where the video is much better quality. I hope that helps. Also, I put my whole hand on the ruler. I’m assuming you are using a wide rectangle ruler (6×24″), that size is easier. My hand and weight go on the ruler and then the other hand cuts. I’ve also heard that about your hand halfway on and halfway off, but it’s never worked for me like my whole hand with my weight on it. Hope this helps!

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