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An Updated WIP List + Trip Around the World Quilt Reveal – Trippy Quilt


It’s been a tough day.  It’s been a tough week.  I’m ready to be back in the swing of usual habits and routines.  Pining for that in all truthfulness.

I think we all know that there are some quilts that we begin that we don’t at all feel bad to let languish untouched for months/years/forever and then there are quilts that we will come across as we are tidying up and feel a massive pang of guilt over.  My Trip Around the World quilt is such a quilt.

I always felt bad to come across this one with half its blocks made and the other half narrowing their eyes at me giving a smug look knowing I’d left it to collect dust and/or die.

I discussed this quilt last week here.


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I am so pleased to check the box on my latest Trip Around the World quilt.  FINALLY!  This is a quilt that has been on my WIP list since 2016.  It’s done.  Finished.  Gifted to my little sister.  She was pretty shocked to receive it, I think.  Kept asking how long it took to make.  I said, “two years”.  Ha!  No, not really.  Once I set my mine to finishing it, I got focused and got it done.



I’m super in love with the quilt label I put on it for her.  You can find those here if you too are interested in adding one to your quilt.


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So this quilt was completely made from scraps.  From strip scraps to be exact.  You need 2.5″ strips by around 30-35″.  The strips are sewn together in sets of 6.  It’s all very similar to my Landslide quilt if you’ve made that one.  Once you get the sets put together you cut 2.5″ strips from the sets.  There’s def more to it, but you catch my drift.  Each block is time consuming.  I was able to get two blocks from each set.  I’m going to work on a pattern for this quilt with a modern look to it, but the sizing a bit different so that you can have less waste.  There was a lot of waste in my sets on this one.


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Quilt Details

Pattern – Traditional Trip Around the World quilt (hoping to make a pattern soon)

Size – 60×60″

Blocks – 25 blocks measuring 12.5″, each block has (36) 2.5″ squares

Top Fabrics – All scraps of purple, blue, yellow, gray and low volume

Backing FabricsGille Wishes by Bari J and Big Love by Anna Maria Horner

Binding Shredded Chess by AGF Studio

Batting – Warm and Natural batting by the Warm Company

Thread – So Fine by Superior for piecing and  Quilt Plus by Coats for quilting



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Current WIP List

  • I am Enough quilt – started Sept. 2018 – actively progressing
  • Modern Sewciety BOM – started Feb. 2018 – no progress since June
  • Wandering Quilt –  started in January 2017 – the quilt top is finished on this one.  I just need to quilt and bind it.
  • Modern Priscilla Quilt – started early 2017 – have a handful of blocks completed – no progress since 2017
  • Heavens to Betsy quilt – started this one December 2017 – all blocks are completed, just need to be sewn together and quilted
  • Kantha quilt – started early 2018 – this is all handwork – haven’t worked on it since mid-2018
  • Grandmother’s Flower Garden – started March 2018 – This one is very slow.  I work on it here and there, but hoping to get more consistent
  • Rachelle’s Little Miss quilt – This is our group charity project – Should arrive back from longarm any day now and I’ll bind it immediately when it does.

Not too bad I don’t think.  There are quite a bit of smaller projects or non-quilts that I’m not counting.  I’m only counting quilts on this list, not pillows, dresses or crochet projects that I counted earlier.



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  1. I love small squares in a quilt. I will make one of these. I have many WIPs from my mother. Trying to get them finished for family members.

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