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Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt for Rachelle – quilt reveal

Well, I didn’t get them out by Christmas as I hoped, but no matter.  I promise it wasn’t for lack of working on them, but shipping to and from Alabama to Oregon (to be longarmed) and back again took longer than we anticipated.

As a reminder, these are the three quilts that we (yes, WE) made for Rachelle and her family who lost their homes in the Paradise, CA fires back in November.  Here is post #1 and post #2 if you haven’t read them yet.


Product Spotlight

image 0 20 fat quarters (18 x 22) from the Sun Kissed by Maureen Cracknell. 5 yards total.

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If you remember, I sent the quilts off to Cindy Lundy of Stitching a Life to be longarmed.  She does beautiful work!  I was so impressed.  Each of the quilts have their own quilting pattern on them and I loved each of them.

The big quilt, the one for Rachelle and her husband had one of those designs that move across the quilt twirling up and down.  The two smaller quilts had a taffy candy pattern and then a bubbles pattern.  All were gorgeous.

Cindy doesn’t have a website yet, but she does take quilting orders, so if you have a quilt needing longarmed and you want to support an incredibly kind quilter who donates her time to her fellow quilters, be sure to visit her instagram profile and send her a private message there.



I have to mention the backing fabric one more time!  This was supplied to me by Nicole McClelland.  It’s a wide back fabric.  Just in case you don’t know what that is, a wide back fabric means that instead of the standard 42/44″ wide fabric that we normally use this one is 108″ wide.  As a backing, that means NO piecing.  That means one single fabric for your backing and no sewing to get it big enough.  That means the heavens have opened up and made everything easier for you.

This wide back is from Tula Pink and is called Free Fall, you can find it here if you are interested.  It’s very soft!  It also has a much bigger print on it which also works well for backing fabric.  I loved everything about it.


The Carolina Mingle Quilt

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Get the Pattern


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I spoke to Rachelle just the other day.  They are still living in a camper for right now.  You can read more about Rachelle here on her facebook page.



A few of you sent background fabrics for me to use in the quilts as well.  A huge help!  I’ve made sure that each of the quilts featured this little deer print above.  I’m not sure what fabric this was, but it was adorable.  This way all three quilts had a little something similar in each of them.


Fabric Scrap Bundles for Saleimage 0

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To make things a bit easier on myself and to use up some leftovers I had, I decided to make up some scrappy binding.  I particularly like scrappy binding on quilts that feature quite a bit of low volume along the edges.

Where and what is scrappy binding you ask?  Read this post for everything.  My box of these binding bits are never-ending.  Apparently, I need to use it more often.  It saves so much time!  No pressing at all.  I just sew the ends together and when I think I have enough, just get to work adding it onto the quilt.



Thank you once more for helping me make these quilts.  I feel so grateful to be a part of a community willing to come together in this way.


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So I hope your New Year is off to a good start!  I’ve got some fun things to talk to you about very soon.  Hugs, sweet friends.



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