The Carolina Mingle Quilt Along – Week 2 – Star Points

This post is a part of the Carolina Mingle quilt along that starts February 22, 2019 and ends March 15, 2019.

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Today we are working on our star points.  This would be the most time consuming part of our whole quilt, or it is in my opinion, but it’s also the most fun!  We can really see the big star taking shape.

This part of this quilt uses a method called foundation piecing.  We have a base fabric and then we add fabrics to that base.  If you’ve ever made a string quilt, you know just what I mean.  Here is a quilt that I rescued last year that used newspaper as it’s foundation.  It’s an old method that the quilters before used often.


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This Week’s Task

Your task this week is to finish your star points.  There are four of them as you can see from my pic above.  Feel free spin in circles while gazing lovingly at them.  That always seems to make me happy!

It’s important to be consistent on this step so that our points can line up.  Placement of your strips on the background fabric will determine that.  However you place them, repeat that for every one of the background fabrics.  Don’t fret over this too much though, as it’s hard to tell of any slight “offs” when looking at the quilt as a whole.  One of my star points came out perfect.  The other three were off just a hair on the very bottom point.  I can live with that!




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Thoughts about the Foundation

I’ve gotten this question quite a bit:  Does the foundation need to be cut away?  No, and it’s okay that it’s a bit thicker than the other pieces, it’s not as thick as you might think it is.  The only part it seems to affect is the seams.  You can still quilt over it just the same.  That middle seam though, needs to be pressed open.  That’s it!

In some foundation piecing projects the foundation fabric can be cut away or you would use fabric like muslin or something that’s thin and doesn’t matter.  For this quilt, we are not cutting it away and we are using our regular cotton designer fabric.  So you can see that the strips of prints are covering up some of that background fabric.  That’s just fine!

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I am totally gushing over what those red roses are doing to my quilt!  Isn’t cool how our fabric choices can give something a completely different look?  I’m thinking this might end up being my favorite Carolina Mingle yet!




This Week’s Giveaway

You can read the rules for the giveaway here.  I’ll announce a winner tomorrow over on IG.  You can post anything:  progress, fabric choices, your cut fabrics, your coloring sheet, anything you want.  The more you post, the more chances you have for winning.  Use the hashtag to enter and tag me.

I am giving away a pack of twin size batting and a quilt label, so there will be two winners tomorrow!


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