Trippy Quilt #3 – In Progress


All year long I’ve wanted an almost all gold quilt and I’m glad that I finally got myself together, got my gold stash thick and fat enough and that this all gold quilt turned out to be another Trippy quilt.  I love a lot of quilts, this quilt though is high on my list of favorites and might actually be my favorite fabric combo I’ve put together.

The pic above is the room off my studio.  It was my daughter’s room, but is now just a bonus for me.  My sewing space is just on this side of the doorway and I really enjoyed looking over and seeing this view as I sewed this one up.


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I’ll be keeping this one for me.  I’ve done that a lot this year, but traditionally I let most of my quilts go.  I see this one on my sofa and me snuggled under it.  I’ve got new curtains in mind just to match things up and some pillow cushions too.  Some quilts call for a bit of redecorating.  I’ve got to fit the gold in!

All of these fabrics were stash and scraps.  I’ve been saving the golds up all year.  I snuck in a small amount of pink and a bit of browns to make the golds shine more.  I love the effect!

This affair with gold has been happening all year and I’m not discriminating on the shade of it.  I’ll take it every way it comes.


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The bolts against the quilt top are my choices for backing and binding.  More about all that soon.

Trippy is going to be released as a pattern combined with two other quilt patterns.  I’m thinking late October release, but November at the latest.  There’s two more quilts to make though and time is needed.  Trippy has been tested, and testing for the second quilt is happening right now.  The last quilt pattern I’m still writing.  I must thank my testers for always being available to me.  I’d have a hard time getting things right if it wasn’t for them.  You can already see their Trippy quilts finished here.

Do you remember how this quilt pattern started?  With that WIP I gave my baby sis last year.

I felt not quite right about turning such a traditional quilt pattern into a pattern I was going to write and had no plans of that last December.  It’s not like I’ve modernized this pattern.  I have NOT.  I wouldn’t normally write patterns that I know you can find for free online from years past, but so many of you told me to and that you wanted it that I decided to just do it.  I’ve updated the process a bit, made it fit the way I like to make quilts, made it waste the least amount of fabric I could get it to, I’ve added a video tutorial to it to make it easier, gave it several different layout options and I’ve combined it with two other scrappy patterns.  Maybe this will be okay?  Maybe I’ll stop feeling weird about it.

The pattern set will be called Scrappy Pattern Pack #1 unless I think of something better.  I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to package it for the printed version.  Do I package them separately and then just tie them together or do I put them in one cover and have them more combined.  So many things to think about.


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