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The Quilt Maker’s Toolkit – Diagonal Seam Tape – SKIP Drawing Lines ( Video Tutorial )

Today’s post is a part of a series called The Quilt Maker’s Toolkit, showing and teaching about the products I use while I make my quilts.

There are no products in this series that I do not use and use often, though sometimes my opinions may change as I grow and move along in my journey of quilt making.

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Being excited about this product is an understatement.  I’ve used washi tape for quite some time for the purpose of skipping drawing those lines for triangle points in my patchwork.  You have to readjust your tape constantly depending on whether you are sewing on the diagonal line or a 1/4″ from the diagonal line.  No more!  Today I’m showing you a product that totally blew me away.

Let’s dig in!


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So we’ve all been here.  We have 30 quilt blocks to make for our quilt.  Each block has a gazillion HSTs or flying geese or snowball corners and to achieve accuracy we have to draw lines on this or that squares and either sew directly on that line or off to the side of it.  Drawing one line is no big deal, drawing 200 lines is a TIME SUCKER!

I’ve been using the method of placing washi tape on my sewing machine to skip drawing lines, but there’s still challenges with this method.  This new Diagonal Seam Tape eliminates those challenges and all that guess work.

If you struggle to get your 1/4″ seam, this will help with that too!

I could talk all day, but I think the video will give you the visual that you are looking for, so here we go….



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Are you as excited as me about this?!  I’m working on my Migration quilt (pattern coming soon) which has over 200 snowball corners and I don’t have to draw lines.  Yippee!!

The tape is available at Meander + Make.  Thanks so much for checking out this product.  🙂


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