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A New Dresden Quilt Runner with Michael Miller fabrics – Sewing Finish


I’ve been an ambassador for Michael Miller fabrics since early this year and they have been sending me the yummiest of fabrics to play with, but these lovelies that arrived just a few weeks ago really had me swooning.

I don’t get to make many things besides quilts, I’m obsessively focused, you see, but I’m always so thrilled when I do take the time to make a little something.  They are smaller so you can give them more umph without it taking up all of your time.

One thing I don’t have much of around my house is table runners and I really love the look of them, so with the bundle they sent me this past month that’s exactly what I made.  And with Dresdens, of course.


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Diagonal Seam Tape

Diagonal Seam Tape is a perfect solution for sewing straight diagonal seams without having to mark any lines!

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I was sent some of their new basics called Stardust.  They don’t actually release until this coming November and I plan on stocking them over at M+M.  They are just so drool worthy.  It’s the same colors at their Cotton Couture line, but with metallic smudgy dots all over them.  SO DREAMY!  Can you tell how in love I am?

I paired these upcoming fabris with some of their Fairy Frost line that I’m also a fan of, and some of the Cotton Couture fabrics as well.  I used one print fabric in the background just to add in a little something called Provencial in cream.  It’s by Anna Gogolewski and comes out this coming month.  I think the creams and whites mixed together in the background give it a bit of a vintage look.

This will be finding its home on my coffee table and will hopefully freshen up the space a bit.


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I don’t normally straight line quilt on my quilts or it’s more like, I NEVER straight line quilt on my quilts.  It’s not that I don’t love the look, but I just don’t enjoy the process.  With such a small project to complete it felt like a good time to do it.  I quilted organic wavy lines.  Wavy, so it felt a bit more free and easy and relaxing and stopped me from having to worry about things being just so.  I did this before sewing on my Dresden plates.

There are three Dresden plates.  One is using the 8″ blades and the other two uses 5.5″ blades.  I have a whole page dedicated to Dresdens right here if you are looking to learn.   I haven’t made Dresden plates since my last Bad Girl quilt, and haven’t made whole plates since….this quilt.  I am itching to make another!  And I want to use the Stardust fabrics to do it!


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Since I came home from Paducah I am massively inspired to grow my quilting skills.  I want to take more time, give everything a bit more love, and most importantly, TRY.  On most of my Dresden quilts, you’ll notice that I so rarely quilt on top of them.  I never know what to do, worry about making a mistake, and usually end up just quilting around them.

I gave this a go this time, what I lovingly refer to as “fancy quilting”, which is basically anything other than my sturdy meander.  After watching a gazillion Leah Day videos, I worked up the courage and just did it.  It’s not perfect, but it’s decent I think.

On the center of the Dresden plates, I did just a simple twirly whirly, but really tight so that it would appear to look like the inside of a flower (kinda ;)).  On the blades, I used something kinda similar to what Tracy quilted on my Bad Girl.  Some loopy loos, although mine ended up looking like cursive Ls.  Still, I loved it!  And had fun stretching myself.


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Quilt Details:

Pattern – No pattern, just winged it.  Dresden tutorials here.

Size – 50×25″

Blocks – 3 Dresden plates.  One with 8″ blades, the other two with 5.5″ blades.  Background is (45) 5.5″ squares layed out in 9 rows by 5 rows.

Top Fabrics – All fabrics came from Michael Miller.  Including Stardust, Fairy Frost, Provencial, and Cotton Couture colors in:  Seafoam and Fresh and Ginger for the centers.

Backing FabricsCotton Couture in Dusk

BindingFairy Frost in snow

BattingHeirloom Tuscany Cotton from Hobbs

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing, Microquilter Poly in silver for topstitching on Dresdens and for quilting



I am giving away a pack of Tuscany wool batting over on my Instagram today. Be sure to check out today’s post there to get the details on how to win.  Thanks for reading along!


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