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English Paper Piecing – How to Glue Baste

Today’s post is part of a week long series covering all things English paper piecing.  This series is in effort to help you along while making the Oh Honey quilt.

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Hello again!  Are you ready to learn how to glue baste?  Yay!  Let me start this post out by saying that I was  s l o w  to give glue basting a try.  I have sew basted so long and was so used to it and I worried about removing the paper when glue basting, but I’m here to tell you that I’m a changed woman!  And a total convert.  Glue basting is majorly faster.  No joke.  And now I can’t imagine going back to sew basting.

Today there’s a video tutorial for exactly what this is all about.  And don’t worry, tomorrow there’s a video for sew basting just in case you prefer that method.

Let’s jump in!


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