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English Paper Piecing – How to Whipstitch

Today’s post is part of a week long series covering all things English paper piecing.  This series is in effort to help you along while making the Oh Honey quilt.

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We are getting into the nitty gritty now!  Time to sew some hexagons together.  I’m showing you how to whipstitch today.

A few things before we get to the video.  My method is not the only way, it’s just mine.  There are many other methods you can choose to work through sewing your hexagons together and you should try several and decide what’s right for you.

Also, if you’ve never done a whipstitch or sewed hexies together, this is going to feel a bit clumsy at first.  Keep going!  You’ll find a rhythm and the clumsiness will disappear.


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