Quilt Reveal – A Dresden Quilt #8 – Pink + Peach Combo


Va va voom…. well, that’s how this quilt makes me feel. Like she’s a whole lotta woman and too much for me to be lugging around especially in the weather we’ve been having. I’m talking about my finished A Dresden quilt today. A king size! Every single part of her took forever as I’m sure you can imagine. Now that she’s finished it feels like I’ve ran a marathon (the world’s slowest) and I’ve just crossed the finish line and want to do absolutely nothing…, but snuggle under her.

If you missed my “progress” post on this one, you can find it here.





Delta has brought in some major raining the last few days and we really needed it, so I’ll not complain about not getting any shots of the quilt except on the porch. I probably wouldn’t have ventured out with her anyway, because she’s just so dang big and heavy and very, very white and I’d only be getting her dirty. The porch will do.

While I was working on her, prior to quilting, all I could think of was having to quilt her on my tiny domestic machine. I told myself that I really need a longarm machine, that everything would be better and easier and more enjoyable if I had one.

I even drove the 45 minute drive down to Trussville to have a look and talk to the dealer who usually services my domestic. I picked one out, learned all about it, got details, took notes and KNEW this was happening this month. I’ve been excited about it, planning where I’d put this ridiculously large machine.

Can we talk about how much those things cost? What the heck?! After more discussions, I’ve once more decided to wait a little longer. It’s such a scary and big purchase and I’m so full of anxiety. So I won’t be getting one this month. I’m waiting until January to even think on it again and I’m accepting that, even though my secret hobby is watching tutorials for longarming on youtube. 🙂

Quilting this quilt took a tiny fraction of the time it took me to put the top together. This is how I’m making myself feel better.





I was given a lot of creative freedom on making this quilt. It was a commission quilt and the lady who purchased it asked for a bohemian feel. I seem to think all Dresden quilts have that feel to them, but I hope I have the colors right for her. I put a lotta love into her and I’m hoping it shows.

I went very simple with my quilting. I did the basic meander on all the background and saved the “fluff” for the Dresden plates. Swirls in the middle and looped anchors on the blades. I really enjoyed quilting her.





Quilt Details:

PatternA Dresden Quilt

Size – 108×108″ – I made 81 blocks, and 60 of the blocks feature a Dresden plate

Top Fabrics



Backing Fabrics – Multi Watercolor Floral – Arabesque

Binding – Pure Solid in Peach Sherbet

BattingWarm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing, Microquilter in champagne for quilting

Finishing Techniquesfree motion quilting, and ditch binding

Skill Level – Intermediate




Get a personalized quilt label for your quilt.


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I have some new quilting tutorials coming that include the Dresden plate shown in this post. I can feel myself getting out of my funk and back to my usual curiosity. I probably just needed a rest after creating Anthologie. Ha! Feeling more rested now and have several new tutorials already filmed and am currently whipping them into shape to post about.

Chat with you soon!




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  1. You might consider a mid-arm machine. It’s an upgrade but at a much smaller cost. You are used to FMQ on the domestic machine, you might very much like doing the same on a larger machine. I have had the the Pfaff Hobby 1200 for 10 years and I love it.

  2. Melanie, this quilt is stunning! I’m positive that her owner must be absolutely thrilled to be getting this beauty. All your gorgeous dresden quilts are turning my head and convincing me that I need to try one!
    P.S.- Thank you so much for all your generous tutorials, videos and blog information that you give. I always so look forward to opening up mail from you!

  3. I’ve already commented on this quilt on IG, but seriously… looking through all these gorgeous photos and reading about all the love you put into her makes for such a great story! This is what quilting is all about! love and time 🙂
    Pretty sure I’m gonna have to make one of these – just maybe not king sized! 😉

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