Morning Sun Quilt #3 – Peach and Gold – In Progress


I get excited about almost every quilt I make, but I’m over the moon with this latest Morning Sun quilt. Peach on peach on peach on gold. This quilt may end up being my most favorite quilt ever.

Pattern for this one is called Morning Sun quilt. Morning Sun is actually an older pattern of mine, but I’m rewriting the pattern and it should be available for purchase mid-November 2020.






I’ve been slowly getting Morning Sun together in between commission work. And if I’m honest, it’s the only one I want to be working on. It took me forever to choose my fabrics for it and I used Illustrator to get them just right. I changed them and changed them and changed using the actual colors of the fabrics to get it right. It’s the first time I’ve really used a computer to get the fabrics just where I want them.

Fabrics I used:





Detail Plans

I’m antsy to get to quilting, and I was supposed to choose backing last week, but I’m still just unsure. I have half a mind to go completely different from the fabric on the front, but a bit scared to do it. Maybe, I’ll end up getting over myself.

I have big plans for the quilting, and I bought a mess of quilting rulers and planning on going for it on this quilt. I hope I end up with something worthwhile to show you.


Get the Patterns



The Morning Sun quilt pattern is currently with my testers, and fingers crossed they enjoy making it, and I’ll show you some of their work very soon.

Hopefully, I’ll have this one quilted up and ready to show you next week.


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