LaLa Fancy #2 – In Amber Folk Bundle – In Progress


I mentioned before that when I was writing LaLa Fancy, I decided to write it fat quarter friendly, but also write it using only 5 fabrics in yardage. Before Christmas, I set to work making this second version of the quilt using only the 5 fabrics: Raw Gold, Tumeric, Peach Sherbet, Georgia Peach and Aulait. The Amber Folk bundle is here, and there will be a very limited amount of this bundle.

If you missed my first version of the LaLa Fancy quilt, you can find it here:






Now that I’ve made both versions of this quilt, I’m having a hard time deciding which I like better. I really loved both! This version though, I think I’m going to put this one on the foot of my bed once I have it completed. The colors are my absolute favorite!

This version using just the 5 fabrics definitely has a bit of a more modern feel to it and I really like the option that comes with the pattern. According to the ladies that have been testing this pattern for me, the yardage option is preferred over the fat quarter option.

I’m really excited to quilt her up! I can’t decide between trying something new or using the same pattern I used last time. I’m stuck at the moment floating between what to do.






Fabrics I Used

If interested, we currently have the same bundle I used in this quilt , Amber Folk, right here.

I’ve pulled this fabric for my backing, and not sure yet what I’ll use for binding.



I had this pattern set to release next Monday on the 11th, but we are going to push it back to the 13th that same Wednesday. We’ve been a bit overwhelmed in the last week or so and I don’t see me ordering the paper booklet for the pattern in time to release on the original date, and I don’t want to stress myself out terribly. Trying to simplify my life is one of my goals this year. 🙂


Scrappy Low Volume Backgrounds

View all our Low Volume bundles here.





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