Soulshine Quilt – Gentleness + English Toffee – In Progress

Soulshine Quilt

I have a new quilt pattern coming out late February called Soulshine. I designed this one early summer 2021 and wrote the pattern for it that fall. I’m ridiculously in love and plan on making it all the ways.

Pre-order Soulshine quilt pattern here.

About Soulshine Quilt Pattern

When I was designing this one, all I could think of was origami, but a friend of mine keeps calling the blocks sawtooth stars with eyeliner and I like that so much more. Lol.

The idea came from those little paper fortune tellers we used to make at school.

I’ve added a secondary block because the stars are a bit bulky when smooshed up against each other. And the secondary blocks gives them some space and a bit of a breather. Plus, I love space in quilts to let your quilting shine.

The skills required in this one are very basic. It’s all flying geese and quarter log cabins. Easy peasy! So I’ve listed this one as a beginner quilt.

I’ve also written this one in two styles: Modern or Scrappy. The Modern style (shown in this version) is made with 4 fabrics and requires yardage. The scrappy styles requires fat quarters and uses many fabrics.

This Version

I did break the pattern just a bit with this version. Instead of using just one fabric for the “eyeliner” (the white), I used my Gentleness fabrics. I haven’t had a chance to use those in a quilt yet, and I REALLY wanted to! For my star points I used Sprouts in Pumpkin and for the star centers, I used Boho Bouquet Muddy Blush. The background is English Toffee.

The Plan

I’m using some Earthy Goodness for the backing on this one. For the quilting, I’ll be doing some ruler work on the foreground around the stars and I’ll quilt elongated swirls and petals for the background. Very excited!

The Soulshine quilt pattern is available for pre-order at a discounted price until February 16. Both paper booklet and PDF pattern will release on February 25.


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