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Anthologie Quilt #3 – Summer Haze – Quilt Reveal

Anthologie Quilt in Summer Haze bundle

I sent this lovely off to the fabulous Tracy Loukota for special longarm quilting. Tracy is one of the very few quilters that I know of that does custom quilting work.

It was was worth every penny!

This is the quilt I worked on during the Anthologie quilt along all last fall and winter. See those posts here. I had so much fun working on this quilt and I immediately sent it off for longarming since I was knee deep in the middle of writing my book. It’s a bit rare for me to do that, but I found myself a bit overwhelmed and well, who doesn’t want something quilted by Tracy if you can have it.

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Find the Anthologie pattern here.

About the Quilt

I can’t stop looking at this one and petting it. I’m just blown away with all the different quilting designs. There’s so much to see! I am still in love with my color palette. That addition of the muddy purple fabric still makes me squeal.

If I had to pick a favorite from the quilt, I’d have to choose the quilting Tracy did on the La Fleur block. Those half circles and pearls between them feel utterly fancy.

I also really love the feathers moving around the Sassy Grannies. She is just so talented!

Also, all the quilting on the Dresden plates is so different, making them even more unique. I’m definitely taking notes to make some future efforts with my own quilting.

Quilt Details:

PatternAnthologie Quilt

Size – 70×85″

Style – Sampler

Top Fabrics – Used the Summer Haze bundle from Meander + Make. Also used a Balance bundle for all the low volumes. Horse panel is from here.

Backing Fabrics – Whatnot Floral Goldenrod

BindingBudding Artist

Batting Warm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing

Finishing Techniques –  longarm quilting by Tracy Loukota, Machine Ditch binding

Skill Level – Intermediate

Label Found here

Well, I’ll just be over here gushing and petting and squealing for a week or so. I hope it doesn’t annoy the hubs too much (not that it would stop me). I made a little video over on Instagram of this quilt and he came outside during it…

Him: Narrowing eyes, “what are you doing?”

Me: “Petting the quilt while on video. Why?”

Him: “This isn’t normal.” laughing..

Me: Scoffing, “Who wouldn’t do this?”


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